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What happened with All About Steve?

When romance meets comedy With When romance meets comedy, Caroline Siede examines the history of romantic comedy through the years, happily eternal (or not) one at a time. 2009 was a roller coaster year for Sandra Bullock. The then 45-year-old woman recovered her rom-com cred by leading Proposal to box office dominance; shot in an […]

Movies: Eternals big with fans, Red Noti...

This week’s new movies include several that are wonderful and some that are huge, but I also have to salute the one I have already covered. Kímmapiiyipitssini: the meaning of empathy is a moving and thoughtful documentary about the current drug overdose crisis. It’s by Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers, a talented filmmaker in the making. He shows […]

Temple: It’s hard to resist the spooky d

Temple There is a mosquito that bothers Daniel Milton. Irritating and elusive, he buzzes in his ears, repeatedly landing on the fine, crisp lines of her smooth, beautifully manicured face. The metaphor runs through episode one of season two of Temple and represents the escalating tension in his brain, trying to keep up with all […]

10 movies you should never watch at the ...

Most people have a natural fear, or at least apprehension, about going to the doctor. They will willfully avoid doing this, either to escape the bad news or simply to stay away from the sterile and uncomfortable environment. Hollywood understands this and has crafted a ton of medical themed films designed to capitalize on this […]

“A Cop Movie” review: when a uniform is

Ambitious, heady, and distinctive, while easier to admire in theory than to commit moment to moment, “A Cop Movie” has a conceptual weirdness that’s hard to overstate. It’s like someone is combining “Cops”, “F for false” and “When Harry Met Sally”. Directed by Alonso Ruizpalacios (“Museo”), the film, originating in Mexico, initially seems to be […]

The end of the Arctic explained

Although the pilot and his dying counterpart eventually make it to the seasonal station (after being nearly consumed by the scenery, the weather, and a polar bear), their rescue is never actually shown. Overgård desperately tries to point a helicopter in the couple’s sights, only to see it take off, he thinks, towards the camp […]

Alec Baldwin shooting “Rust”: a real bul

SANTA FE, New Mexico – It has been almost three weeks since “Rust” cinematographer Halyna Hutchins died during a set shoot involving actor Alec Baldwin which also left director Joel Souza hospitalized. It is still unclear how and why a suspected real bullet entered the propeller pistol – believed to be an F.LLI Pietta Long […]