Mark Sloan

For U.S. Senate  South Carolina 2020


Your True Independent Christian Conservative leader



Where I stand

I am a lifelong Republican; however, I have lost faith in the part I support. Washington is as out of control and it is past time we had some people with common sense running it. Therefore, I have chosen to run as an independent.



Mark Sloan has never held a political office. He is a husband to a very supportive wife, a father to 3 wonderful children and has been involved with his church and community his entire life.  He teaches Sunday School and preaches at his church. He has lived in Greer his entire life.



Mark graduated from Limestone College with a Business Management degree, while working full time and helping with two children. During this time, he was able to prioritize and manage all of his obligations. He finished college with magna cum laud honors. Mark has no issue with taking on responsibilities and has always been mature beyond his age. While in High School he worked part time. After graduating in 1988, he had a brief stint in the fast food industry before landing a job at INA Bearing in Spartanburg, S.C. There he made it to a top-level machinist in just a few years. Then in 1996 he landed his best opportunity ever. He went to work for Honeywell Aerospace in Greer, S.C. In just one short year he made his way to another top-level machinist position. In early 2007 he took a position a Team Leader. This was the beginning of a wonderful learning experience. In this position he was responsible for the following things;

Monitor, assist, and improve all aspects of Safety, Quality, Delivery, Inventory, Cost and Productivity within a group of 20+ employees

Ensure safety throughout the department by auditing unsafe conditions and teaching monthly HSE photo lessons with the team.

Developed and wrote over 300 standard Work sheets (Operating and Set-Up) to help lean the process which improves QDIC (Quality, Delivery, Inventory and Cost)

Assist with problem solving so daily productivity goals are meet.

Eliminate, prevent, and implement countermeasures for quality issues using (RPS) Rapid Problem-Solving tools.

Initiate improvement actions to reduce department spending and improve processes using (CI’s) Continuous Improvement process.

Played a key role in all department metrics (Helped cut 50% of inventory off the floor in April 2008).

Lead/Motivate employees to stay focused on meeting the customer demands.

Improve moral on the shop floor by encouraging employees to use the (CI) Continuous Improvement process to show that they have a voice in the process and by leading by example.

During his role as Team Leader, he developed a passion to lead others on a larger scale. With this passion he went back to college and finished a degree he started in 1989. and accepted a Supervisor role at Honeywell, where he expanded on his duties from his Team Leader position. Mark is also SIX SIGMA GREENBELT Certified.



Mark will fight for South Carolina and the United States. He has faced many challenges in his life. He spent four years in a night program at Limestone College in the block program. This is a program where one course is completed in 4 weeks. It's a 3-night 3.5 hour per night program. This was done while he worked as a Team Leader for Honeywell and keep a sane family life, with his precious wife and two kids (then ages 10 and 4). Even with all the obligations he was still able to graduate with magna cum laude honors and completed an internship program at Honeywell around production variances and how to determine the root cause of inefficient production costs. Mark also created standard work (a step by step guide) on how to use SAP Database to determine efficiencies for employees, this way each supervisor could see the performance of their employees and address any issues if required.

When his first child was 3, he faced a near death experience due to complications from a surgery. His Son nearly died at four weeks old. Mark has seen adversity and will rise to the occasion and concur the challenge set before him.

If you a looking for a strong supporter and one that will have the best interest for South Carolina and the United States, then look no further. Mark is the best candidate for the job. Just as Mark helped improve things at Honeywell, he will help improve the State of South Carolina and The U.S. He will push legislation that can make a positive difference in lives of everyone. It is time we have someone that knows how to make change happen and reduce taxes


Things I will figh for



Year after year we see elected officials, swearing to defend the Constitution of The United States but once in office, they try to destroy it. The Constitution was not written to be a living document that changes with time. It was written to give us freedom from the political slavery the pilgrims were under. It needs to be upheld, honored, defended, followed and protected.

If elected to the Senate, Mark Sloan will be out in front defending the constitution. The Constitution was written to protect individual freedom and keep the government from infringing upon it. Our current elected officials want to abolish it and take away the very freedom that was fought for.  The pilgrims left England for freedom, our founding fathers drafted the constitution to prevent government from turning into what they left behind.

You current politicians want to control everything you do. Mark Sloan believes and upholds the Constitution and will defend it at all costs.


South Carolina just lost a huge opportunity when, Toyota and Mazda decided to build in Alabama instead of South Carolina. Mark will fight hard to bring South Carolina back to a booming industrial state, just like it was when textiles were in their prime. He will do this by helping attract manufacturing and high-tech jobs that would normally go to other states. His background in business, manufacturing makes him the ideal candidate for understanding and creating the environment we need to take our state’s jobs to the next level. Mark will fight for more jobs, high wages and a competitive market for South Carolina workers.



Family is important and must be protected. Mark will fight for legislation that protects families from human trafficking, domestic violence, all forms of child abuse and elderly abuse. Mark is PRO-LIFE



God gives life and EVERY life is precious, especially the tiniest. Mark is 100% Pro-Life and will always stick up for the unborn. Every life has a purpose and its given to us from our Creator. We must be defended the defenseless. As Senator, Mark will stand up for conservative family values and will not back down.



Mark believes education should be handled at the local level, however the state and federal government needs to reduce excessive waste and send that money to help our kids. Teachers and Principals need to be given the resources to lead. I know many teachers that buy supplies with their own money, this needs to stop. We need to make sure each child of South Carolina can support themselves, and one day their own children after graduating. We must STOP pushing our children through school. We must grow and teach them by any means necessary. Our current academic system is failing our parents and children, it must be corrected.



We must embrace our veteran heroes as family and recognize the experiences our Veterans have had, we must support them as civilians, and leverage the unique skills they bring to the table.

Our Veterans deserve our full support, and it’s time that they have it.

It is our duty to help the veterans who have fought for our freedom, assimilate back into society. It is also our duty to honor and take care of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice by dying to ensure the citizens of the United States stay free.

Mark will stand strong and fight for all active and former service men/women and their families.


The Second Ammendment

When it comes to our 2nd Amendment rights, Mark Sloan will be out in front strongly protecting your rights. Like you, he doesn’t believe government has the right to tell the citizens of South Carolina or the United States how to defend their families.

Mark is a gun owner, avid hunter, carries a concealed weapons permit, and is a member of the NRA. Mark is a strong supporter of The South Carolina CWP Program that promotes responsible gun ownership. In the program, applicants receive extensive training from a certified instructor and are taught everything from danger and threatening situation avoidance to proper and safe storage, along with all pertinent law—and, finally, many rounds of supervised operation of a firearm.

On guns—South Carolina and the United States can count on Mark to stand up for our constitutional carry rights and protect our conservative values.



Mark is a fiscal conservative. He believes in less taxes, less government, and more freedom for United States taxpayers. His goal is to make South Carolina and the U.S. the best place to live, work and raise a family, to that taxes must be kept low. Families and businesses thrive when they have the freedom to spend more of their own money and in the way, they see fit not the government

When taxes are low, more businesses bring their products and/or jobs to the U.S. and South Carolina.

Mark will fight for permanent tax reductions instead of those that only last for two or three years.








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