Karan Soni found a breakout role in 2016’s dead Pool as Dopinder, a friendly taxi driver with whom Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson shares cute moments between his anti-hero adventures. Soni played an even bigger role in 2018 dead Pooland U.S hope he comes back Dead Pool 3. Other than that, the comedic actor has found roles all over the map, from Detective Pikachu at TBS’ miracle workers. Next, he is preparing to star in a romantic comedy he has been working on with his partner, Roshan Sethi.

Soni and Sethi recently collaborated for the first time on their independent film 7 daysanother romantic comedy highlights real Indian arranged marriages and immigrant experiences the two could identify in their own lives. When CinemaBlend spoke to the pair for 7 days, they shared what awaits them next. In the words of Sethi:

We’re going to do a gay rom-com next year because we’re gay and Karan is going to star and then I’m going to direct.

Roshan Sethi is co-creator of the hit medical drama Fox the residentand he recently worked with Karan Soni (the two having been together for three years) on 7 days. In the recent rom-com, Soni stars as Ravi, a right-handed Indian-American who dates Geraldine Viswanathan’s Rita from an arranged marriage dating site on the day the world shut down due to of COVID-19.

Ravi and Rita end up spending a week in quarantine together (not by choice). They are complete opposites, but their relationship blossoms into something real. It was candy movie release 2022 which inspired them to work together again in the near future. During our interview, Karan Soni shared more details about the untitled project:

It’s not official yet, but we’re doing it [have a co-lead in mind]. We’re still trying to get the money and stuff, but we think it’s going to happen next year, which we’re very excited about.

While there was an increase of LGBTQ+ Romantic Comedies It’s been rare to see a real couple working together lately, and that’s especially exciting about the announcement of Karan Soni and Roshan Sethi. Soni will star in the project, but they haven’t reached an agreement on who will co-star with him yet. We also wonder what the subject will be this time around.

When I spoke to the couple, they shared that 7 days was shaped in part by their own relationship in terms of dynamics, except the characters in the recent rom-com were more heightened. It’s great to see more queer romances in the industry, and coming soon, thanks to Billy Eichner, we’ll have our first studio rom-com made up of “all openly LGBTQ+ actorseven in straight roles. We’ll keep you posted on CinemaBlend about these projects.

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