There is a mosquito that bothers Daniel Milton. Irritating and elusive, he buzzes in his ears, repeatedly landing on the fine, crisp lines of her smooth, beautifully manicured face.

The metaphor runs through episode one of season two of Temple and represents the escalating tension in his brain, trying to keep up with all the lies he has told so far.

Milton (Mark Strong) has a lot of explaining to do, but if you’ve seen the first season of this crafty and twisted medical thriller, you’ll know all about it. Milton is a well-respected cardiac surgeon who runs an illegal sanatorium under a London tube station, while trying to keep his dying wife alive. Does this sound complicated to you? It’s not half.

With a visual flair (and a rocket) reminiscent of shows like Dexter Where Annibal, it also has a similar amount of internal organs and blood. It makes up for being slightly far-fetched by being well-written, smart, addicting, and most importantly, despite its graphic detail and morally complex territory, it’s fun.

A remake of a hit Norwegian show, it’s hard not to binge, with all the high end. Three thousand pound costumes, million dollar camera budgets, rich and breathtaking storylines and the best British actors on every level.

Mark Strong plays the troubled Daniel Milton of Temple.


Mark Strong plays the troubled Daniel Milton of Temple.

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Robbie is now available to stream on Neon.


Rory Scovel has carved out a niche for himself writing absurd sketches for The Eric André show and take small acting roles in comedies like Physical and Hypermarket, before trying his hand at being a leading man. Or maybe a man-child would be more appropriate.

Robbie is thirty years old, works in an ice cream shop and dreams of being a great basketball coach like his father. When he finds out that he has a 10-year-old son and that the young boy is a prodigiously talented ball player, he finds a (selfish) reason to grow up. Being a father is a chance to unravel his borderline, sexist racist behavior, his extremely ignorant views and find some semblance of working adulthood.

There’s so much about this show that shouldn’t work, but it delivers some pretty massive laughs. Expect a spectacular performance from Mary Holland, Beau Bridges having a blast as Robbie’s outperforming dad and a roller coaster (sometimes you wanna go down) of awkward cringe-laughing laughs.

He has a heart all the same. Like with East and down Kenny Powers, the audience is in the joke here and watching Robbie evolve beyond his childish expectations (or not) is the joy here.


Arrival is now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video and Neon.


One of the most beautiful, moving and original science fiction films of the last decade, it was the first film of its kind from visionary director Denis Villeneuve, before directing Blade Runner 2049 and its long awaited (and already very celebrated) Dune adaptation.

It’s an alien invasion, but not like we’ve seen before.

Amy Adams anchors this moving sci-fi masterpiece, as a linguist recruited to communicate with our unexpected interstellar visitors. They seem to be hovering peacefully over several cities, but the aliens hovering, peacefully or not, are enough to make humans a little happy for the trigger. However, Arrival is more than just creatures from outer space.

It’s about life and death, and what those words mean. It’s about what words mean and what we mean when we use them. It is about the narrow way we see the world, allowing us to perceive existence only through duality. It is about the human experience, love, pain and potential regret. Sorry, I’m getting carried away, there are also aliens.

The creatures themselves look (and sound) unlike any alien creature seen on screen. The whole movie is so amazingly done, with every frame so beautifully crafted and rendered and a story so eloquent, this is a movie that enjoys more than one viewing.


Paula is now available to stream on Neon.


A spooky trio of obsession, despair, and bad choices, it’s a sinister adventure and horrific story about men clinging to women. Paula teaches chemistry, physics and a bit of math to ungrateful teenagers and does her best to end the affair she has with the school rugby coach.

James (who is not the rugby coach) has been rocking his whole life. Right now he’s juggling girlfriends, getting into debt, and swindling people left, right, and center to throw a few extra pounds where he can.

Their unique date should have been a simple meeting – two lonely souls hold hands, but naturally things take a dark turn.

It’s a good watch, both silent and explosive, and deals with constant and imminent danger with clever, incremental narrative reveals. The acting is perfect and there are moments of horrible tension – you often know bad things happen long before they do.

Not everyone will like the ending, but it is. At the end of the day, desperate people do desperate things.


Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 11 is now available to stream on Neon.

Calm your enthusiasm

While contemporaries like Seinfeld, Gervais and Chapelle complain about canceling culture (from their huge platforms), Larry David laughs all the way to the bank.

Although he’s pushed the bear numerous times (David may be the last white comic to survive by saying the N word to be provocative), he continues to smile and comes out unscathed.

What’s his secret? For starters, it’s never personal. It’s not like he’s going after race or gender, and his overrated caricature still makes him the primary target. David is the butt of the joke first, everyone else second. He channels his bottomless anger and frustration with clinical precision, and his commitment to the bit ends up winning over most people.

I laughed so many times during the first episode of season 11. Someone dies in David’s Garden, which brings up local building code regulations on the need for a five foot fence around each. pool. This complicates the new show he brings to Netflix. Then there is his friend (who may or may not have dementia) who owes him $ 6,000, while his girlfriend (Lucy Liu) begins to regard him as frail after an unfortunate accident.

There are too many Larry David, but to be honest, if the first clues from this last season are to be picked up, he’s never been in better shape.

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