Even though Reed Richards, Ben Grimm, Susan Storm, and Johnny Storm’s debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been delayed to February 2025, fans are very much looking forward to any blockbuster announcements regarding the next The Fantastic Four film.

So far, only two key points have been made public regarding the superhero team movie. Previously topped all nine episodes of Wanda Vision plus over forty episodes of the hit FX series, Philadelphia is always sunny, Matt Shakman has been officially chosen to direct the film. While the next one isn’t groundbreaking, the recently updated Fantastic Four logo made its symbolic debut sitting comfortably in the official MCU timeline at San Diego Comic-Con 2022.


Other than these first appearances, there have been no official statements from Marvel Studios regarding possible storylines, casting choices for team members, or even costume designs. Surprisingly, even the usually headstrong rumors that instinctively pop out of Marvel’s hive mind right after a movie’s announcement have been pretty lax. That was until a few days ago.

Is Doctor Doom gone yet?

The Fantastic Four battle Doctor Doom
Marvel Comics

On the October 27 episode of the YouTube talk show Hot micwhich covers everything in the film and television industry and is hosted by Jeff Sneider and John Rocha, Sneider revealed that his sources told him that Doctor Doom would not be the main antagonist for the 2025 release. of this, perhaps the Fantastic Four’s iconic nemesis will be teased in a mid-credit or even end-credit scene.

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Given that Mr. Sneider’s previous report of Vision’s presence in his own Disney Plus series apparently rings true with vision questas well as Sneider also being the one who provided many explanations as to why the production of Blade was going so slow, Doctor Doom not being introduced could very well be correct too. This sudden absence of an antagonist, however, quickly left fans scratching their heads. Many are beginning to wonder what foe in the Fantastic Four Rogues’ gallery could fill the shoes of such a massive undertaking.

The other many enemies of the Fantastic Four

Other Fantastic Four villains
Marvel Comics

Considering that the Skrull race will be explored extensively in Marvel’s upcoming Disney Plus series, Secret Invasion, the Super Skrull is definitely a possibility. Debut in The Fantastic Four #18, the green-skinned Super Skrull or Kl’rt (his birth name) is a decorated former soldier in the Skrull army who has been handpicked to defeat the Fantastic Four and finally conquer the earth.

Constantly transmitted with stronger mutant abilities that replicated each member of the superhero family, the Fantastic Four were repeatedly defeated in battle until Richards built a jamming device capable of blocking the signals that gave to Kl’rt his powers. The supervillain was then imprisoned inside a dormant volcano from which he escaped months later. In recent stories, the Super Skrull has found themselves aligning themselves with Thanos, fighting with and against She-Hulk, and most recently being part of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Not only would it fit quite well into the current phase of the MCU, but the Super Skrull could also be a focal point for other Marvel franchises.

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Annihilus seems like the villain everyone is talking about these days. A supposed tyrant with an insect-like appearance that hops between dimensions, the death-fearing ruler first appeared in The Fantastic Four Annual #6, which hit stores in 1968. Still focused on extending his life, most of the stories surrounding Annihilus involve his Cosmic Control Rod, which manipulates the force of energy and controls the flow of the time. The Fantastic Four’s first foray with the winged beast had to do with Sue needing the rod to save her unborn baby.

Later, this same rod was the catalyst for a confrontation between Annihilus, Doom, a variation of Kang the Conqueror called Immortus, and The Fantastic Four. More recently, Annihilus enlisted the aid of Nova Corps to battle the legions of the Cancerverse, a universe rotten forever. The Cosmic Control Rod could become a staple in the next The Fantastic Four movie and could help in the eventual showdown with Doom. Annihilus himself could open the doors to more variations of Kang and the introduction of Nova into the MCU.

Of the many Fantastic Four villains available, Psycho-Man is perhaps the most viable wildcard choice. Given director Shakman’s previous experience showing audiences Wanda Maximoff’s family trauma in Wanda Visiona mad scientist who can explicitly control the emotions of others may be the missing ingredient for The Fantastic FourThe beginnings of the MCU. Psycho-Man hails from the Microverse, where everything and everyone is Ant-Man’s size or smaller.

Given this weakness, Psycho-Man’s main weapon is to manipulate other normal-sized humans into doing whatever he wants. In the comics, he uses an android he created, the Hate-Monger, to make people of different appearances deeply hate each other. With the help of the Hate-Monger, he also temporarily transforms Sue Storm into Malice, a new villain who nearly kills Sue’s husband, Reed Richards. Crushing the seeds of societal hatred could easily give the iconic superhero family a solid footing in the MCU.

Doom may (or may not) be out of the race, but that shouldn’t be a problem. First for Marvel Comics in 1961, The Fantastic Four the comic has been running strong for over 60 years with all sorts of dastardly villains. Of those explained earlier to Galactus, a cosmic entity that feasts on entire planets (who also happened to be the main antagonist of the The Rise of the Silver Surfer 2005 sequel) to Mole Man, who is the short-sighted and overweight leader of Subterranea, MCU fans will just have to wait and see who they’re up against as we inch closer to the film’s premiere date of 14 February 2025. It’ll be just a matter of time before you hear The Thing shout, “It’s Clobberin’ Time!” one more time.

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