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This improvement in 3D body scans could be essential for doctors and medical experts once it provides vital details regarding a patient’s body prior to diagnosis.

Alessio Gallucci, Doctor of the University Eindhoven University of Technology, developed an updated study on 3D body scanning. His research provided a more detailed version of full-body 3D scans from which medical experts could benefit from extremely precise layouts for analysis. The program uses artificial intelligence to produce realistic images of the human body.

As revealed in a Press release, the level of detail of a full body scan makes a difference for doctors when making a diagnosis. For example, a 3D scan of a patient’s skin surface and details could help determine how much chemotherapy to perform. Therefore, as Gallucci explained, a full body scanner offers higher accuracy rates and can be instrumental in medical practices.

Other possible benefits that this body mapping program could generate are measuring the exact dose of medication and even detecting skin cancer. In parallel, Gallucci also trained the AI ​​servers to count body hair, helping with personal grooming.

The math and computer science doctor warned of the predominance of white male subjects for the research as a possible bias. However, he pointed out that a more diverse sample of test subjects could contribute to a more intrinsic outcome data set.

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