Warning: SPOILERS for the Titans the episode “Jinx” is ahead!

You know the old adage “Fight fire with fire”? Well, when a supernatural threat presents itself, it certainly helps to have that much magic firepower on your side to combat it. With last week Titans episode, “Mother Mayhem”, seeing Raven’s powers deplete, “Jinx” saw Dick Grayson recruit Jinx from Lisa Ambalavanar (whose involvement in Titans was revealed in January) to help them. It didn’t take long for Jinx to show that she was quite experienced with magic, but when it came to performing the spell in real life, Ambalavanar and one of TitansThe directors took steps to make sure his character didn’t imitate Marvel’s Doctor Strange.

I had the privilege of chatting with Lisa Ambalavanar before her first episode in Titans Season 4 premiere for HBO Max subscribers. With Jinx primarily using hand motions to conjure her magic, I was curious what the process of filming these scenes was like, whether she was instructed to only do specific hand motions or whether she had the opportunity to play with it. The actress told CinemaBlend:

It wasn’t very choreographed at all. The first director I worked with, Boris [Mojsovski], who shot my first episodes, he really helped to understand how Jinx was going to be and how Jinx was going to work. A lot of it is an honor for him and for us to work on this together, but he knew he didn’t want it to be too complicated. He didn’t want it to be some kind of Doctor Strange conjuring spells. He wanted it to be relatively effortless and for him to just be able to use his telekinesis and stuff in a very easy way. So I thought about the powers of Matilda and Matilda, being able to move things with your mind using your hands, and then how I did that was up to me. As if the literal positioning of the hands and arms is what I wanted to do, what I felt in the moment. So it was discussed, but it wasn’t specifically choreographed.

Fans of the Marvel movies are familiar with Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange hand movements to channel his unique form of sorcery (including the controversial spell of Spider-Man: No Coming Home). But when it came to Jinx on Titans, director Boris Mojsovski didn’t want to be so elaborate with his magic. So while he and Lisa Ambalavanar didn’t spend much time figuring out what the actress needed to do with her hands, it ultimately came down to wanting Jinx’s magic to feel like second nature to her. So in that regard, drawing influence from Matilda (presumably the 1996 film adaptation starring Mara Wilson) makes sense.

As we learned in “Jinx,” Dick Grayson and Jinx have a history together, although when we met Lisa Ambalavanar’s character she was stuck in jail. But because Dick needed her help to not only help Raven, but to deal with Frank Potente’s Mother Mayhem and his forces, it gave Jinx the opportunity to escape police custody, triggering a crazy series of events. Long story short, Dick and Jinx have now come to an agreement for the latter’s help, which means, for now at least, she’s not one of the Titans Season 4 villains as originally assumed. So fingers crossed that Jinx is there to improve the chances of the Titans emerging victorious this season.

There are three episodes left to do in the first half of Titans Season 4, each dropping on Thursdays. The remaining six episodes of the season will then air on HBO Max. (opens in a new tab) somewhere in 2023. While you’re here, read what Titans Showrunner Greg Walker explained to CinemaBlend how the season premiere took Lex Luthor out of the picture.

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