One of Fox’s last dramas, The cleaning lady, will officially return this fall for its second season. The crime drama created by Miranda Kwok is based on the Argentinian series La Chica que Limpia. The American adaptation shares the same premise as the original series centered on a struggling mother who works hard as a housekeeper to care for her son with an immunodeficiency disorder. It is only when she crosses paths with gangsters that she takes another job as a crime scene cleaner to earn more money for her son’s treatment. The gripping story explores intriguing circumstances of gray morality and that not all character actions or motivations are always ultimately good or bad. It also highlights the socially relevant plight of undocumented immigrants and their treatment in America.


The show premiered in January 2022 with its first season airing for 10 episodes. In April, the series was renewed for a second season which premiered on September 19. With season 2 now airing, here’s a guide to the characters of The cleaning lady and the brilliant cast that represents them.

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The fearless protagonist of the show is Thony De La Rosa, a Cambodian doctor based in Manila, Philippines. Upon discovering his son, Luca (Sebastien LaSalle and Valentino The room), suffering from a rare autoimmune disease, Thony travels to the United States to get him the medical treatment he needs. She moves with her sister-in-law, Fiona, to Las Vegas where they work for a cleaning service. Thony prioritizes her son’s health and continues to live dangerously as her visa is about to expire. Living and working as an undocumented immigrant, Thony learns to survive and get what she needs by any means necessary, especially when she falls into the underworld of crime where Arman works. Thony is a devoted and very caring mother to her extended family. She is also very smart and resourceful when it comes to her work and her motivations.

Elodie Yung is a French actress whose film and television roles have been mostly in action stories. She acted in the movies GI Joe: Retaliation, gods of egypt, The Hitman’s Bodyguardand Secret Society of the Second Born of the Royal Family. Her most popular role is that of Elektra Natchios in the second season of daredevil and The defenders.

Adan Canto as Arman Morales

Arman is a gangster who works for a major crime cartel led by his boss, Hayak Barsamian (Navid Negahban). He has a long history with Hayak for whom his parents worked as cleaners and gardeners. Arman was eventually brought into Hayak’s business and became his trusted right-hand man who helps run one of his money laundering clubs at an exclusive Las Vegas hotel. In a chance encounter when he first met Thony, Arman hires her as a housekeeper for any mob-related business he runs. Arman holds a heart of gold despite his vicious line of work. Her humble origins while growing up fuel her penchant for helping Thony. Although he is married to Nadia, he and Thony share a deep bond that borders on romantic feelings and attraction. He also faces other complications as the FBI trying to seek his arrest and arrest Hayak as his own loyalty to his boss begins to waver.

Adan Canto is a Mexican actor who has built a steady slate of television roles after starring for the first time in What follows and the sitcom Mixology. His breakout role on television was that of Aaron Shore in Designated Survivor. He also starred in X-Men: Days of Future Past as sunspots and in Halle Berryhis directorial debut Bruised.

The other side of the law that Thony rubs shoulders with is FBI agent Garrett Miller. He is a gruff and impulsive agent who is determined to try to bring down Hayak and his network of criminals. Thony and Arman become his targets in an effort to complete the mission, but at dubious and even dangerous lengths that Thony disagrees with. His difficult personal life fuels his irritable attitude at work since he is estranged from his wife and can only see his own child a few times. Garrett’s character is a great example of gray morality when the juxtaposition of him and Arman exposes how he uses Thony for his own intentions to stop this criminal network while Arman genuinely helps him despite his profession.

Oliver Hudson comes from a family of actors whose mother is Goldie Hawn (The First Women’s Club) and his sister being Kate Hudson (almost known). He has been part of several television shows where his most important roles are Adam Rhodes in Rules of EngagementJeff Fordham in Nashvilleand Wes Gardner in Scream Queens. His previous concert before The cleaning lady was the television sitcom Separate together. He appeared in movies like adults 2 and walk of shame.

Martha Millan as Fiona De La Rosa

Fiona is Thony’s sister-in-law and colleague. She helped Thony and Luca settle in America for his treatment where they live in the same house with Fiona’s teenagers, Chris (Sean Lew) and Jaz (Faith Bryant). The two sisters-in-law are extremely close and lean on each other like a close-knit family since Fiona is a single mother. She and Thony can often make each other laugh or comfort each other when they are troubled. She serves as a mediator between Thony and her husband, Marco, who is Fiona’s brother.

Marthe Millan is an Australian-Filipino actress who debuted on the daytime soap opera As the world turns. Before The cleaning ladyshe has already appeared in other series like Surroundings, the OAand Succession. She also starred in the Danny Glover film Drummer.

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Eva De Dominici as Nadia Morales

Nadia Morales is Arman’s beautiful wife who is well versed in the operation of the hotel’s cigar club that Hayak assigned to them. She and Arman are in perfect harmony when it comes to running the business and making sure their positions are protected. Nadia encourages him to be more ambitious and tries to persuade Hayak to make him a hotel partner. She occasionally interacts with Thony and knows that Arman is helping her with her son’s medical bills. Of course, Nadia is suspicious of the link between Arman and Thony.

Eva De Dominici is an Argentine actress and model. She is a popular telenovela actress, especially in the series Los ricos no piden permiso. She appeared in some American projects like Five-O’s from Hawaii and the movie cosmic sinbut The cleaning lady has been his most notable role so far.

Ivan Shaw as Marco De La Rosa

Marco is Thony’s husband and Fiona’s brother. He keeps in touch with Thony and Luca while being in the Philippines. He and Thony’s marriage proves to be strained due to Luca’s health and Marco’s own struggles with gambling. He tries to redeem himself in Thony’s eyes while being a caring father to Luca, but she still considers him a liability after all the stress that caused her to be away from him on the other side of the world.

Ivan Shaw is an American actor who started on television after playing in the soap opera All my children. He was part of other TV series like The Book of Daniel and That dirty black bag. He also appeared in small roles in Pearson, Insecure, and About before landing The cleaning lady.

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