CSI Sophomore pursues nursing major to make a difference in her community

By: Philip Clinton

Mel Romero, 18, shown here wearing her nursing scrubs. Romero got these scrubs from the nursing program at CSI. Credit: Mel Romero

In a room full of journalism majors, one thing stands out the most – a sophomore sitting in the classroom whose deepest desire is to become a nurse. This is something that has been a long-standing goal for Mel Romero, 18, a sophomore student at College Of Staten Island from Manhattan – who has dreamed of achieving such a goal since the early days of his childhood. . Mel’s passion for nursing came from a personal life experience that motivated her.

From a young age, Romero always enjoyed going to his local pediatrician’s office – playing with the medical equipment there, at other times pretending to be a doctor with his friends, and always wanted to care for young children. to make sure they live long and happy lives. life. One day, unexpectedly, a tragedy struck – when his sister was involved in an accident while Romero was still in high school,

“I had to take care of her,” Romero said. “I really like taking care of people – something makes me happy.”

Nurses make up the majority of healthcare professionals, which means they are in high demand for employment. To become a registered nurse (RN), you must pass the licensure exam called NCLEX; it is a national exam that allows nursing students to obtain their license in the state in which they take the NCLEX.

D. Nursing scrubs and a stethoscope are given to every nursing student at the College of Staten Island. This equipment is generally worn by nursing students. Credit: Mel Romero

An incident like the one Romero had to face was something that gave her the extra push she needed to convince herself that she was supposed to go into nursing no matter what. Caring for his sister was a real test of Romero’s motivation to see if that would be what she wanted to do, in the long run for others in the same way she did for her own family.

It was really Romero’s first experience as a nurse. And even though it wasn’t a professional experience, she was still able to feel the great sense of reward when helping others.

“Knowing that I can help them makes me happy,” Romero said. “The idea of ​​knowing that my family will think of me when they are sick or need medical attention. ”

Personal care plays an important role in a nursing student’s personal or professional life, from caring for their patients to counseling their family on medical issues. Romero’s family have always been proud of their daughter for her accomplishments as a registered nurse and for supporting her lofty aspirations, doing similar work as her sister’s health care providers to enable her sister to live. quickly restore.

Romero is now striving to make a positive difference in the lives of other families – much like his family has been affected by health care providers in the past.

There are many different factors and unique life experiences that can impact a specific career path someone might want to pursue, whether it’s a personal experience or a lifelong dream. People always consider the career choices that are best for them early in life, but as the individual grows, develops and matures, they may find that their career path has changed. origin no longer suits them as well as they initially thought and can cause many to question the path they took later in life.

When asked if she had a different life plan in case nursing wasn’t the choice for her, Romero responded rather simply.

“I really can’t see myself doing anything else,” Romero said. “It’s been my goal since high school.

Romero, wearing his nursing gear, adjusts his stethoscope. The stethoscope can be used on anyone it observes or anyone who needs it. Credit: Mel Romero

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