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Sometimes, no matter how hard things get, all you can do is smile and get on with your day.

This is especially true for Dr. Rose Cotter, who works with the craziest patients in the Emergency Psychiatric Unit. It’s hard work, sometimes, to deal with all the trauma and mental illness that’s there.

But nothing compares to the day Rose met a patient named Laura.

Laura was preoccupied with something supernatural that tormented her – something that she could see. And every time he appeared to her, the supposed demon she described looked menacing and mad. smile on his face. A moment later, Laura panicked, saying the demon was in the room with them, before slitting her own throat with an ominous smile on her face.

Since then, Rose has had her own issues, such as visions of the dead patient and general feelings of unease. Based on her 80-hour work week and recent trauma, she suspects it’s likely PTSD.

But over time, Rose is no longer so sure that her condition is medical in nature. Because since Laura’s suicide, she’s been hallucinating.

They’re all people, and they’re all smirking at his.

And each time that happens, they get a little more aggressive.

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