Director Scott Derrickson has achieved great success after his departure from the direction of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness with his latest film The black phone with Ethan Hawke. In our interview, he discussed the decision to step away from a Marvel movie, his favorite book adaptations, which Stephen King story he’d like to adapt himself, and more.

Also this week, Sean pays tribute to Better call Saul impressive run after its last episodes. marvel’s She-Hulk The series finally arrived on Disney+ this week, and we give our take on the first four episodes. And finally, Idris Elba is back in theaters with The beast! To stick on around to hear our spoiler-free reviews.

Timestamps (approx. only)

00:08:57 – Interview with Scott Derrickson
00:26:14 – You better call Saul Final reaction
00:30:55 – She-Hulk Exam
00:44:42 – This week in movies
00:45:25 – The beast Exam
00:58:31 – Our favorite Alison Brie performance
01:06:55 – End

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