There are many subgenres of horror who take several paths to arrive at the same result, fear. Nothing gets the pulse racing like the outbreak of a plague or a murderous scientist out to wipe out the human race. The thought of an invisible or unstoppable threat that can infect the body sends shivers down the spines of the most intrepid individuals.

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The vacancy of a monster to fight or a killer to run from creates a unique void and sense of danger that affects each person differently, making a medical horror film incredibly nerve-wracking. At the same time, being betrayed by someone who has sworn to do no harm also carries its fair share of traumatic fear. Here are some of the most terrifying medical horror movies to enjoy.


7/7 The dentist

The dentist is a classic horror movie that has more than enough hits to have horror fans shaking in their seats. Dr. Feinstone was a reserved and well-mannered dental expert, played by Corbin Bernsen, but goes off the rails after discovering his beloved wife’s infidelity.

With his mind collapsing from the weight of his rage, Dr. Alan Feinstone begins to take out his frustrations on his patients. One after another, Feinstone pushes the envelope until he finally gets his hands on his wife and disfigures her for good before being apprehended by the police.

6/7 american mary

american mary is the story of a despised woman who turns away from her dream of becoming a surgeon after being assaulted by her college professor. Mary now moonlights as a body modifier by day and a cruel serial killer by night. Mary is dragged into the abyss by her trauma and cuts up those she deems worthy of her wrath.

Mary goes unnoticed and develops a taste for cruel and visceral medical procedures that leave her “patients” in horrific condition. Mary’s cold, hairpin lethality will chill most viewers’ blood as they explore how far she will go for revenge.

5/7 Income

A unique and fresh take on the zombie apocalypse theme, Income begins after the plague is over. An infection has swept the world, turning ordinary people into mindless flesh eaters; however, scientists quickly worked to cure the disease, but failed, instead creating a treatment that suppressed the degenerative effects of the infection.

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Unfortunately, this cure comes from infected zombies, and the risk of running out of it triggers new social problems among the haves and have-nots. Income is a suspenseful ride that follows the ticking ticking time bomb that is the second coming of the zombie apocalypse.

4/7 The Lazarus Effect

Humanity’s greatest challenge is to overcome nature and overcome death by claiming eternal life. When a university group of mad scientists attempt to create aid for people in comas, they are surprised when they find a way to bring the dead back to life.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for things to go wrong when Zoe, one of the team members, is accidentally killed and brought back to life, claiming to have been in hell. However, Zoe returns noticeably different, and before the rest of the team can back up their suspicions, Zoe goes on a rampage having mental abilities boosted from the serum injected into her.

3/7 Thesilenceofthelambs

Anthony Hopkins defined a generation when he took on the role of Dr. Hannibal Lecter alongside Jodie Foster as Clarice Starling. The story of a deranged man who was convicted of murder and cannibalism delves into the chemistry of psychopaths as rookie agent Chloe Starling is placed on the biggest case of her career.

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A serial killer abducts and skins young women, and it’s up to the FBI and a madman to save the day. The suspense of Thesilenceofthelambs defines, and the fear is palpable as from a cage, Hannibal Lecter pulls all the strings and is the only hope to save the life of the latest victim.

2/7 clever

A new wave of horror has swept the genre with some truly unique concepts. clever is one of those movies that takes a simple idea and creates a special kind of movie monster. What begins with the psychotic breakdown that afflicts Madison Mitchell as she witnesses horrific murders through someone else’s eyes morphs into a supernatural mystery as a gruesome killer torments her life.

Madison searches urgently for the answer to how she and the killer are connected, which leads her to a life she didn’t know she had, being an adopted child in a mental institution. clever goes places no viewer will see coming and ends with more than a few surprises.

1/7 Quarantine

When an unidentifiable virus takes root in a local apartment complex in New York, a rookie reporter and her cameraman infiltrate a quarantined building against a CDC order and get more than they bargained for. . The disease is described as being similar to rabies and driving people who have contracted the disease mad, turning them wild and violent.

Trapped inside the building, the reporter, Angela and a handful of civilians try to stay alive as they are hunted like cattle by infected tenants. Quarantine confines the zombie apocalypse to a four-story building and traps a handful of average joes inside, making for a truly unsettling film.

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