Saint-Gobain Life Sciences, based in Solon, Ohio, purchased MS Techniques and Transluminal, based in Pompey, France, effective September 7.

The MS Techniques facility will be the foundation of Saint-Gobain’s new European Medical Center of Excellence, said Vanessa Gagnon, commercial director of catheter systems at Saint-Gobain. Plastics news.

“This will be our first site entirely dedicated to the medical industry in Europe,” said Gagnon.

Gagnon, who led the acquisition process, is working to develop the overall business strategy for the integration of MS Techniques, a high-precision thermoplastic extruder, into the Medical Components business unit of Saint-Gobain Life Sciences. , she said.

“[MS Techniques] has capabilities that Saint-Gobain has been seeking to acquire organically for some time now, ”said Gagnon. “We observe two major trends in the medical device industry: one is the consolidation of the supply chain, and reimbursement system based on

MS Techniques also brings Saint-Gobain its design expertise for minimally invasive procedures using catheter technology, she said.

“We wanted to have a larger product portfolio and offer more to our customers,” said Gagnon. “[MS Techniques] think outside the box and find ways to design new delivery systems that deliver better results at lower cost. … We are looking forward to expanding their sales reach from their European base to provide this product to the US and Asian markets.

“We decided to join forces with Saint-Gobain because we felt we had found a real partnership and share the same vision: to become a world reference in the medical devices industry to offer a minimally invasive innovation”, Etienne Malher, president of MS Techniques said in a September 14 press release.

“Joining a global medical organization of the size and immense heritage of Saint-Gobain allows us to continue what we have worked so hard to build over the past 28 years,” said Malher. “With more resources and the Saint-Gobain brand supporting our efforts, we are paving the way for future innovation and the co-development of new medical solutions with our customers.

The owners of MS Techniques will remain throughout the transition process, Gagnon said.

Both Saint-Gobain and MS techniques have personalized co-development models and similar corporate cultures, the statement said.

“We believe the best way to work with our customers and OEMs is to have this proximity to Europe,” said Gagnon. “We want to make sure this continues to look like one big family… What our clients and our clients are used to, they will continue to see the same.”

Saint-Gobain will also invest in the expansion of the transluminal unit of MS Techniques, which, according to Gagnon, is “the design and expertise arm that accompanies the concept until the industrialization of the catheter”.

“We will take it step by step based on the needs of the client and seek to have an investment plan based on that strategy,” she said.

Saint-Gobain did not disclose the terms of the acquisition.

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