FARGO — High school students from North Dakota and Minnesota are in the midst of five-day Hope Camp with Sanford Health and North Dakota State University.

The camp is designed to introduce more than 20 students from rural areas to healthcare jobs. They attend workshops on everything from pathology to working in a pharmacy lab.

On Tuesday, June 21, the students visited the pharmacy lab with Dr. Jeanne Frenzel of NDSU.

“In pharmacy, which was the workshop I was leading this morning, they had the opportunity to learn about collaborative practice,” Frenzel said. “How Pharmacists Test for Strep Throat and Learn to Diagnose This Stuff and Then Prescribe Medication.”

Hannah Maves is a student at Lake Park Audobon High School. She said it was an experience that gave her perspective on the medical field.

“Pharmacy, I really like it. But I got to see so many other things. Even if I go to pharmacy school, I’ll never be able to experience (those other things) firsthand,” said Maves.

Statistics from the United States Bureau of Labor predict a sharp increase in the demand for help in many health professions in the coming years. The camp is one of the many ways Sanford and NDSU try to get young students interested in healthcare.

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