President Joe Biden continues to “significantly improve” despite a persistent sore throat from his coronavirus infection, according to a Sunday update from his doctor.

“The President is responding to therapy as expected,” Dr. Kevin O’Connor wrote in his final note. Biden took Paxlovid, an antiviral drug that helps reduce the risk of serious illness.

O’Connor wrote that Biden still had a sore throat, though other symptoms, including a cough, runny nose and body aches, “have decreased significantly.”

Biden tested positive for coronavirus on Thursday morning. O’Connor said on Saturday that the president was likely infected with a highly contagious variant, known as BA.5, which is spreading across the country, and Dr. Ashish Jha, the COVID-19 response coordinator of the White House, said Sunday: is the BA.5 variant.

“Thank goodness our vaccines and our treatments work well against that, which is why I think the president is fine,” Jha told CBS. Face the Nation.

Jha also gave an update on the president’s health.

“I checked with his team late last night. He felt good. He had a good day yesterday,” Jha said.

This variant is an offshoot of the omicron strain that appeared late last year. It is thought to be responsible for the vast majority of coronavirus cases in the country. He has since isolated himself in the White House residence.

Administration officials stressed that his symptoms are mild because he received four doses of the vaccine and started taking the antiviral drug Paxlovid after being infected.

The White House has not released any photos or videos of Biden since Friday, when media saw him take part in a virtual meeting with economic advisers.

Jha promised the White House would continue to give updates on the president’s condition and whether he might have any long-term symptoms.

“We think it’s really important for the American people to know how well their president is doing,” he said.

“Obviously if he has any persistent symptoms, obviously if any of them interfere with his ability to perform his duties, we will disclose that early and often to the American people. But I suspect it will be a course of COVID that we’ve seen in many Americans who have been fully vaccinated, double-boosted, treated with these tools in hand,” Jha said. “The President is doing well and we’re going to expect him to continue to do so. .”

Biden’s press secretary said 17 people, including members of the president’s senior leadership and at least one member of Congress, were in close contact with Biden when he may have been infectious. None have tested positive so far, Jha said on Fox News Sunday.

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