During the communication, the parties discussed the continuation of cooperation in the field of health care, in particular with regard to the medical evacuation and rehabilitation of Ukrainian patients injured by mines and serious illnesses, as well as as the question of the delivery of medicines and the guarantee of the right to medical assistance for Ukrainian wounded and prisoners of war in the temporarily occupied territories.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Norwegian people on behalf of the Ukrainian people for the support we have received since the first day of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine. This assistance is invaluable because it helps our doctors to hold the medical front reliably.So today, for our fastest possible victory over the terrorist country, it is necessary that the whole world condemns the criminal actions of Russia, in particular the fact that the Russian Federation continues to detain Ukrainian doctors in captivity, thus violating the rules of war and the Geneva Conventions. Medical workers must fulfill their professional duty”, Health Minister Viktor Lyashko emphasized at the meeting.

The Minister also noted that the humanitarian aid received by the Ukrainian medical sector from the Norwegian government, which includes medicines, medical products, equipment and modern specialized buses for medical evacuation, strengthens the capacity of the system. health care organization which, in view of new challenges, has reorganized and continues to work and save the lives of all those in need.

The head of Norway’s Ministry of Health assured that his country would continue to accept Ukrainians for treatment and provide the necessary humanitarian medical assistance.

It should be recalled that during the meeting with the UN Humanitarian Affairs Coordinator in Ukraine, Denise Brown, Health Minister Viktor Lyashko called on international structures to guarantee the right to medical assistance for Ukrainian prisoners, wounded soldiers and citizens in the occupied territories. territories and drug delivery.

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