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New medical opportunities for students at Northwest High School


GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) – Northwest High School on Grand Island is launching an on-campus course to help kids start careers in the medical field. Although the program is not completely new, it is more convenient for students and takes less time to complete.

One year. That’s how long it took for North West students to earn their Certified Practical Nursing Certificate. Now it only takes one semester, the big drop in time is mostly due to the class now taking place on the high school campus, instead of its former Central Community College location.

The class is still taught using the same materials used at CCC, and is taught by Registered Nurse Brooke Bowen. She works double time as she is also a nurse at Cedar Hollow School.

Bowen said she was excited to teach the class and give back to the next generation of nurses.

“When I was approached to teach this course, I knew I was going to enjoy it and be really good at it,” Bowen said. “I’m just excited to do this, I have a passion for nursing, especially a passion for children. And just giving back to the field of nursing and preparing these children for the medical profession is really a honor for me.

In the past, students had to go to CCC for three hours every Friday, and according to school officials, this created class scheduling problems because students did not return to campus after their college hours. . It also prevented students from participating in school activities on Fridays.

“During a sports season, Fridays are occupied with games and events, as well as activities such as performances and a performance choir, musical activities and therefore students have not been able to participate in extracurricular activities when this program was at CCC,” said Jeanette Ramsey, North West Public Schools Program Coordinator.

The program is supported in part by a state grant and a gift from the Stueven Charitable Foundation. Their mission is to donate money to help students who seek to pursue medical education in college and beyond.

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