If you’ve never seen “Sex Education”, give it a try – it’s great fun. It’s a show that takes a tough, honest look at the raging hormones and awkward first sexual encounters faced by a group of high school kids. The main character, played by Asa Butterfield, has to deal with all of this while being a shy kid and also the son of a flashy sex therapist, played wonderfully by the great Gillian Anderson.

While the sexy stuff might be the hook, the reason to keep watching is the delicate, authentic character work and seeing these odd personalities bond in unexpected ways. It’s a very human story and the kind of thing that tends to get buried among the steady stream of serial killer documentaries and reality shows. Gatwa is a big part of the chemistry that keeps this show kicking, so it’s good news that becoming the new Time Lord doesn’t stop him from returning to that character.

It should be noted that Gatwa’s time as “Doctor Who” begins with a script by Russell T. Davies, who was responsible for the 2003 reboot of “Who” that launched a whole new generation of Whovians. It’s an exciting time for this particular fandom and for us weirdos who are even more excited to see its return in a Netflix niche series.

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