Myra Smith is a 19-year-old Clarksville native, but recently moved to Russellville for an easier commute to and from campus. Smith attended Arkansas Tech University where she majored in Nursing.

When asked why she chose nursing, Smith said, “I didn’t know what I wanted to do until my last year of high school, and nursing was one of the opportunities my school had to offer. ‘to study. “

“I don’t know if I will study it for four years or if I will try to find something else in the medical field, but I want to be in this field and for now it is nursing for me” , said Smith.

Nursing is one of the most difficult majors. “It’s very difficult, I live in the library, classes and homework all the time,” Smith said.

“This is another reason why I chose to move here, so if I had a question or something like that it would be easier to contact the professors in person rather than trying to do everything online. “said Smith.

Smith has only lived in Russellville for a little over a month, and while Clarksville is not that far away, it’s very different.

“It’s very different from home, it’s a lot busier and there are a lot more opportunities here than there are at home, but the bottom line is it’s a lot busier. “said Smith.

Smith’s long-term goals are to graduate from college and then move somewhere to work in a hospital. “Preferably in Fayetteville or Bentonville, somewhere in that area, but within the state for sure,” Smith said.

What Smith loves most about the Russellville community is that everyone is very helpful.

“If I need help somewhere or with something, I’m not afraid to go out and ask someone for help because I usually get a positive response,” Smith said.

“I get refused sometimes to ask for help, but other than these few times a lot of people want to help and are very friendly here,” she said.

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