Top Gun: Maverick, The Batman, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Dunes are among the films that have received multiple HPA (Hollywood Professional Association) award nominations. The annual HPA Awards honor post-production talent in areas such as color grading, editing, sound and visual effects.

The voting period runs from September to September, which means that some of the films from last year’s awards season will compete against this year’s contenders.

The awards will be presented November 17 at the Hollywood Legion Theater.

The full list of nominees follows:

Outstanding Color Grading – Theatrical Feature

Top Gun: Maverick

Stefan Sonnenfeld, Adam Nazarenko / Company 3


David Cole / FotoKem

alley of nightmares

Stefan Sonnenfeld, Adam Nazarenko / Company 3

The Batman

David Cole / FotoKem

no time to die

Matt Wallach / Company 3

Outstanding Color Grading – Episode or Non-Theatrical Feature


Mitch Paulson // Company 3

“Better Call Saul – Carrot and Stick”

Keith Shaw // Keep me posted

“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – How do you get to Carnegie Hall?”

Steven Bodner // Picture Store

“Yellowstone – Half the Money”

Bob Festa // Company 3

“Billy the Kid – The Rattler”

Mark Kueper // Image Store

Outstanding Color Grading – Documentary / Non-Fiction

“The rescue”

Stefan Sonnenfeld, Andrew Geary // Company 3

“DIO: Dreamers never die”

Frederik Bokkenheuser // Image Store

“Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: ​​Return to Hogwarts”

John Persichetti // Picture Store

“Our Great National Parks – A World of Wonders”

Dan Gill // Picture Store

“Billie Eilish: happier than ever”

Natasha Leonnet // Company 3

Outstanding Color Calibration – Commercial

Zara – “Men Spring/Summer 2022”

Tim Masick // Company 3

Qantas – “I always call Australia home”

Mark Gethin // TRAFIK

Amazon – “Kindness, the greatest gift”

Damien Vandercruyssen // Harbor

Mango – “A Mediterranean dream”

Joseph Bicknell // Company 3

O2 – “The Everyhome”

Fernando Lui // Marla color grading

Outstanding Editing – Theatrical Feature


Úna Ni Dhonghaíle, ACE

“No Time to Die”

Tom Cross, ACE, Elliot Graham, ACE

“Tick, tick… Boom!” »

Myron Kerstein, ACE, Andy Weisblum, ACE

Top Gun: Maverick

Eddie Hamilton, ACE


Jeremy Milton, CEA

Outstanding Editing – Documentary / Non-Fiction – Theatrical Feature Film


Langdon Page, Maya Daisy Hawke

“The Janes”

Kristen Huntley

“To run away”

Janus Billeskov Jansen

“Summer of the Soul”

Joshua L. Pearson

“Lucy and Desi”

Robert A. Martinez

“How to Survive a Pandemic”

Tyler H. Walk, Adam Evans

Outstanding Editing – Non-Theatrical Episode or Feature (30 Minutes and Under)

“Fast Foodies – Nikki Glaser”

Jason Le, Nathan Belt

“Barry – From Now On”

Ali Greer

“Before Dawn Kabul Time”

Shannon Albrink

“Hacks – The One, The One”

Jean Daigle


Franky Guttman

Outstanding Editing – Episode or Non-Theatrical Feature (over 30 minutes)

“Black Bird – The Place Where I Lie”

Rob Bonz

“Separation – The We We Are”

Geoffrey Richman, ACE

“Stranger Things – Chapter Four: Dear Billy”

Dean Zimmerman, ACE, Casey Cichocki

“Succession – The Disturbance”

Brian Kates

“Moon Knight – The Goldfish Problem”

Cedric Nairn-Smith

Outstanding Editing: Documentary/Non-Fiction – Non-Theatrical Episode or Feature Film

“Spring Awakening: Those You’ve Known”

Joshua L. Pearson

“Dean Martin: King of Cool”

Tom Donahue

“Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: ​​Return to Hogwarts”

Simon Bryant, Jim Clark, Will Gilbey, Jacob Proctor, Pablo Noé, Lior Linevitz-Matthews, James Collett, Bill DeRonde, Asaf Eisenberg, Tim Perniciaro

“Prehistoric Planet – Coasts”

Richard Ketteridge

“Selena + Chef – Kwame Onwuachi”

James Ciccarello, Blake Maddox

Outstanding Sound – Theatrical Feature

“The Batman”

William Files, Douglas Murray, Lee Gilmore, Chris Terhune // Pacific Standard Sound

Andy Nelson // Warner Bros. Post-Production Services


Shannon Mills, Nia Hansen, David E. Fluhr, CAS, Gabriel Guy, CAS Paul McGrath, CAS // Walt Disney Animation Studios


Wayne Pashley, Jamieson Shaw, David Lee // Big Bang Sound Design

Andy Nelson, Michael Keller // Warner Bros. Post-Production Services


Mark Mangini, Theo Green, Doug Hemphill, Ron Bartlett, Mac Ruth // Formosa Group

“The Matrix Resurrections”

Dane Davis, Stephanie L. Flack, Lars Ginzel, Matthias Lempert, Frank Kruse, Barry O’Sullivan // Warner Bros. Post-Production Services

Outstanding Sound – Episode or Non-Theatrical Feature

“Euphoria – Stand Still Like the Hummingbird”

Wylie Stateman, Anne Jimkes-Root, Austin Roth, Beso Kacharava, Bryant Fuhrman // 247SND

“The Sandman – 24/7”

Aaron Glascock, Christopher S. Aud, Curt Schulkey, Albert Gasser, Walter Spencer // Warner Bros. Post-Production Services

“Candy – The Fight”

Mark Binder, Elliot Hartley, Trevor Cress // Creation IMN


Sean Heissinger, Matthew E. Taylor, Rickley Dumm // Warner Bros. Post-Production Services

Elmo Ponsdomenech, Teddy Salas // Sony Pictures Entertainment


Shannon Mills, Cameron Barker, David E. Fluhr, CAS, Paul McGrath, CAS Kendall Demarest // Walt Disney Animation Studios

Outstanding Sound – Documentary / Non-fiction


Lewis Goldstein, Bennett Kerr, Jerell Suelto, Linzy Elliott, Alfred DeGrand // Parabolic

“Becoming Cousteau”

Tony Volante, Daniel Timmons // Harbor

“Prehistoric Planet – Fresh Water”

Richard Lambert // Films at 59


Andrew Stirk, Jack Cheetham, Simon Gershon, Mike Grimes // The Project Post Ltd

“The Biggest Little Farm: The Return”

Sue Gamsaragan Cahill, Keith Rogers, Steve Bucino, Johanna Turner, Jane Boegel-Koch // NBCUniversal StudioPost

Outstanding Visual Effects – Theatrical or Non-Theatrical Feature

“Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”

Julian Foddy, Jan Maroske, Koen Hofmeester, Sally Wilson, John Seru // Industrial light and magic


Scott Kersavage, Erin V. Ramos, David Hutchins, Christopher Hendryx // Walt Disney Animation Studios

“No Time to Die”

Mark Bakowski, Bruno Baron, Rob Shears, Steve Ellis, Denis Scolan // Industrial light and magic

“Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”
Joel Behrens, Alexandre Millet, Kazuki Takahashi, Juan Pablo Allgeier, Bryan Smeall // Digital Domain

“The Batman”

Dan Lemmon, Russell Earl, Anthony Smith, Malcolm Humphreys, Michael James Allen // Industrial Light and Magic

Outstanding Visual Effects – Episode or Series Season

“Foundation – Season 1”
Danilo Ivanisevic, Anthony Mimoz, Matthieu Bidault, Maxime Laroche, Lee Brunet // Rodeo FX, Inc.

“Prehistoric Planet – Deserts”

Elliot Newman, Kirstin Hall, Seng Lu, Matt Marshall, Andy Hargreaves // MPC

“The Book of Boba Fett – Complete Season”
Richard Bluff, Abbigail Keller, Paul Kavanagh, Peter Demarest // Industrial light and magic

Bobo Skipper // Important visual effects for pirates

“Stranger Things – Season 4”

Julien Hery, Antoine Sitruk, François Couette Karim El-Masry, Philip Harris-Genois // Rodeo FX, Inc.

“Foundation – Season 1”
Adica Manis, Chris MacLean, Mike Enriquez // Apple TV+

Chris Keller, Jess Brown // DNEG

“Obi-Wan Kenobi – Complete Season”
Patrick Tubach, Pablo Helman, Eddie Pasquarello, David Shirk, Christopher Balog // Industrial Light & Magic

Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects – Episode or Series Season

“Separation – Season 1”
Vadim Turchin, Nicole Melius, David Piombino, David Rouxel, Sean R. Findley // Le Moulin

“The Morning Show – My Least Favorite Year”
Zsolt Poczos, Gary Romey, Jeremy Renteria, Sean Roth, Chris Stark // FuseFX

“See – Rock-a-Bye”

Chris Wright, Parker Chehak, Scott Riopelle
Javier Roca // El Ranchito

Tristan Zerafa // Pixomondo

“Love, Death and Robots – The Night of the Mini Dead”

Thomas Hullin, Josianne Côté, Tim Emeis, José Maximiano // Rodeo FX, Inc.

“The Terminal List – Ephemeral”

Jon Massey, Anthony Ceccomancini, Tom Reeder // Amazon Studios

Josephine Noh // FuseFX

Lawson Deming // Barnstorm VFX

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