Answering the question of where the X-Men have always been in the MCU is a challenge, but a comedic storyline has the perfect answer.

The MCUs x-men The entry has a huge challenge ahead of them explaining where the mutants were, but a Marvel comic storyline holds the perfect answer. Until Disney bought Fox in 2019, Marvel movies couldn’t bring classic characters like Deadpool, the Fantastic Four, and the X-Men into the MCU. The lack of access to X-Men characters meant Disney couldn’t introduce concepts such as mutants and their relationship to humanity.

The absence of mutants in the MCU poses a storytelling challenge. If mutants are only discovered now, for example, the origins of important figures like Charles Xavier, the formation of his school for gifted youngsters, and the formation of antagonistic groups like Magneto’s Brotherhood of Mutants will have to be rushed. The existence of so much narrative content is why the MCU is perfect x-men reboot idea would be to adapt their adventures and origins into a TV show. Marvel’s mutant history contains an abundance of established lore, so there has to be a way to acknowledge that without the X-Men movies being dedicated to endless origin stories.


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This huge challenge could be solved by an era of X-Men comics known as the Krakoa Age. In the Krakoa Age of X-Men comics, all mutants, whether they initially sided with Xavier or Magneto, live in harmony on the living, sentient island of Krakoa. If this idea makes it into the MCU as an audience introduction to mutant society, it could explain exactly where mutants have been all along, following Doctor Strange 2is configured for x-men. This story option could also work with Mrs. Wondermutantkind configuration.

How Marvel Can Seamlessly Bring Iconic X-Men To The MCU

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Wolverine in X-Men

Settling the X-Men on the hidden island of Krakoa effectively eliminates the need to make sense of the lack of public conflict surrounding mutant civil rights. The explanation, in this case, would be that mutants of conflicting ideologies settled their general differences and retreated to the island of Krakoa long ago. Events like the Phoenix Saga and Age of Apocalypse have passed, opening up the X-Men and their surrounding cast to all-new stories exclusive to the MCU. One potential avenue for storytelling is how the rulers of Krakoa, which includes iconic characters like Magneto and Xavier themselves, can contrast politically while ruling the island and leading its people.

In addition to skipping old stories, Krakoa’s story allows the MCU to seamlessly introduce iconic characters. The Russo Brothers’ Wolverine tease underscores the fact that what most want to see from the arrival of the MCU’s X-Men is the introduction of countless beloved mutant characters. However, introducing each of them into origin stories would take a lot of time. The best way to showcase the X-Men themselves would be to do so in a confined team-up movie like Eternals, but large swathes of mutant characters would have to wait. Introducing mutants to the island of Krakoa opens up the possibility of skipping past introductions and introducing certain characters easily and seamlessly. On the island of Krakoa, dynamic characters like Wolverine, Mr. Sinister, and Apocalypse can appear and interact with the story at any time, perhaps even pursuing their own goals.

Thanks to the growing X-Men references and easter eggs in the MCU, the question of where mutants fit in the MCU is sure to get an answer soon. The absence of the greatest MCU mutants thus far presents the challenge of coming to grips with exactly where they have been throughout the MCU timeline and what they have been up to. Presentation of the x-men on the island of Krakoa presents the perfect opportunity to address where mutants have always been, without interfering with MCU canon.

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