Lululab, a beauty and healthcare company using skin data, said it will jointly target the Southeast Asian digital health market with a Vietnamese partner.

Lululab CEO Choe Yong-joon (right) and HMU President Nguyen Huu Tu signed a memorandum of understanding last Friday to develop the medical field of AI based on skin data at the university Vietnamese.

The company signed a memorandum of understanding with Hanoi Medical University (HMU) to develop an AI analytical solution for skin diseases through joint research and establish an AI medical infrastructure in Vietnam. Lululab CEO Choe Yong-joon, HMU Chairman Nguyen Huu Tu and other officials from both sides attended the signing ceremony in Vietnam last Friday.

The two parties will start with joint research to develop an AI analytical solution for typical skin diseases in Vietnam.

The research will be based on Lululab’s AI algorithm for skin analysis. Through the cooperation, the two parties will develop an AI solution to diagnose various skin problems using HMU data and skin disease diagnosis.

The company aims to launch an AI analysis solution on skin diseases and introduce it to medical sites in Vietnam, mainly to local dermatology clinics.

“Due to the lack of medical infrastructure, such as medical personnel, in Vietnam, there is a need for technology that can complement existing diagnostic methods,” said Lululab CEO Choe Yong-joon. “Lululab will launch an AI solution for major skin problems and deliver it across Vietnam through the hospital network established with HMU.”

Lululab will also provide a training service on the latest technologies in the medical field of AI. The company said this was significant in creating a virtuous cycle ecosystem by training talented staff to adapt to the future medical AI infrastructure that the two institutions would build.

The two institutions will also develop a cosmetic recommendation algorithm adapted to the Vietnamese market and to the ingredients and finished products of cosmetics and functional health foods.

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