LSU Health Shreveport’s School of Allied Health is completing its second week of the Allied Health Education and Discovery (AHEAD) program.

This annual five-day program is offered by the School of Allied Health Professions and allows Louisiana high school students to participate in a week of health education.

Madeline Barclay, director of admissions at the School of Allied Health Professions at LSU Health Shreveport, said, “This is a program for high school students in Louisiana to learn about all the different college health programs we have. at the School of Allied Health Professions.”

The week includes spotlights on careers such as occupational therapist, physical therapist, physician assistant and speech-language pathologist.

This is the second year of this program and it has doubled in size since 2021. “We had one session with 20 students in 2021, and it was so popular that we extended it this summer to two sessions, 25 per session,” Barclay said. .

50 students from 13 Louisiana high schools participated in the program this summer, requiring the School of Allied Health to run two different week-long camps.

The previous camp took place in June.

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Nikeira Little performs the blood typing activity during the AHEAD program.  This is just one of the activities offered in the week-long program.

Elizabeth Gaspard and Nikeira Little are two local high school girls who participated in this program. Gaspard, a 2022 Haughton graduate, said: “It’s been so cool to go around and learn about the different professions and their importance. It inspires all of us in the class to think about it and be open to d ‘spirit.”

“I learned that there are a lot more people working in the hospital than you might think,” Little said. “On Grey’s Anatomy and shows like that, they only show doctors and nurses.”

The AHEAD experience is an opportunity for students to hone their interests and take the steps necessary to achieve their career goals.

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