Just about any case involving a TV star exiting a beloved show is going to be a messy situation, even if all parties are completely open and in agreement on every detail involved. But when things aren’t so smooth and planned, that’s when divisions start to form, which is loosely how things have been going so far after Frank Fritz had to to step down from his role as co-host on History’s. American Pickers. In July 2022, about a year after this untimely release, Mike Wolfe publicly announced that Fritz suffered a strokeand it seems that this decision reopened figurative wounds to Fritz.

As American Pickers As fans will no doubt know, Frank Fritz took time off from the Treasure Hunt series in 2020 for a variety of reasons, ranging from surgery to other medical issues. go to rehab to stop drinking and lose weight. Before he could make any comeback, however, reports spread that Fritz was absent from the show, what Mike Wolfe later publicly confirmed in a movement that went against his former co-star’s wishes. Things got stickier from there, with Wolfe speaks candidly about Fritz’s behind-the-scenes struggles at the time, which might have deterred him from saying too much about the stroke situation.

Today, Frank Fritz is still in recovery mode, looking to the future. But according to a longtime friend who chose not to be identified for privacy reasons — American Pickers fans can sometimes be heavy with backlash — the sobered TV personality didn’t expect her medical situation to be shared again without her consent. This is how she said it, according to QC Times:

Although Frank was unprepared at the time for his condition to be published, he is grateful for all the prayers and well wishes.

Of course, that statement could have been entirely focused on updating everyone with their current status, while also mentioning Frank Fritz’s request for fans to adopt pets or donate money to the Local Humane Society of Scott County. But it seems like a wise choice for critical opinion like this to have entered the mix, given Fritz’s ongoing but indirect feud with Mike Wolfe.

While every message Fritz received from fans was kind and good-humored, that might not be his ideal way to experience his recovery. And while he very well could have decided to share the news of his stroke with fans and followers on his own, he couldn’t even have made that decision on his own.

Nonetheless, Fritz’s longtime friend seems very reassuring about how the recovery process is going, saying:

He would like everyone to know that he continues to improve every day and is very determined. He is really improving every day.

That’s all we can hope for at this point, given that we never know what each new day will bring. To that end, it is not entirely clear at this stage when American Pickers will be back in history. Season 23 kicked off in January, with Robbie Wolfe appearing alongside his brother Mike in the ten-episode sequence, but given how badly did this last wolfe face for anything related to Frank Fritz, the network may decide to pause the airing of new episodes.

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