Lenovo staff did not appear to intervene as participants broke the rules, resulting in injury.

Dozens of injuries were reported at TwitchCon this year, all centered on a Lenovo-operated foam attraction. Many people who participated in pit events were injured, including streamer Adriana Chechik, who broke her back in two places when the foam failed to cushion her fall.

However, despite apparently having rules against pit diving, a Lenovo commenter apparently encouraged this. On social media, the company was also seen encouraging participants to fight in the pit, causing falls that resulted in numerous serious injuries. On top of that, the streamers were given foam bats to try and knock each other off the platforms, which resulted in many crashing to the ground and injuring themselves.


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“Why has he [Lenovo] Legion told people they could dive in the pit knowing they had the rhinestone pad down there?” tweeted Adriana Chechik, who required surgery after falling at the foam pit stand. the tweet, she attaches a clip from the Lenovo Legion livestream of the event.

In the clip, the streamers push each other to the ground. The rules apparently said no one should be punched in the face, but the staff don’t intervene when this happens to their own guest, xQc.

“Make sure you come back tomorrow to the Lenovo Legion booth, to do this stuff in the Legion pit,” the host says, referring to the on-screen fights. “Who knows? You might even take a dip from the Street Fighter booth.”

The Lenovo Legion Twitter account also shared footage of streamers trying to roll over into the pit. This includes some competitors falling headfirst into the shallow foam.

As can be seen from both the video and the number of injuries sustained, the foam does not appear to be deep enough for competitors to fall into safely. Some of those who did have now received medical treatment. Streamer LochVaness was among those injured. She shared a video of herself dislocating her knee after jumping off her platform. Despite landing on her feet and the jump itself not being particularly high, she had to go to the hospital and was photography in a wheelchair.

Lenovo and Twitch have not yet released a response to all of the injuries at their event. It is unclear whether those affected will receive compensation.

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