• Dramatically increases Keystone’s global visibility in the dental market with innovative solutions and a premium value proposition
  • Provides Keystone with Synergistic Sales Opportunity to Grow in $ 5 Billion Dental Implant Market
  • Enhances Keystone’s platform with easy-to-use, innovative and unique digital solutions that increase processing accuracy and efficiency

BURLINGTON, Mass., Sep 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Keystone Dental Inc. (“Keystone”), the largest independent dental implant company operating in North America, today announced that it has completed the acquisition of ‘Osteon Medical, a Melbourne, Australia-based technology company providing digital solutions for clinicians and dental laboratories leveraging proprietary software and unique hardware developments, dramatically improving digital workflows.

The transaction significantly increases Keystone’s global visibility in the dental market with innovative solutions and a high added value proposition. In addition, this immediately gives Keystone the opportunity to market a portfolio of full-arch implants through dedicated production facilities in Melbourne and Osaka, Japan. Osteon’s newly patented Nexus iOS mapping technology and scanning system deliver the first-of-its-kind digital solutions to dentists and dental laboratories around the world. In addition, Osteon’s continuous innovation has resulted in rapid growth while seeking international expansion as new distribution channels are established across Europe and Asia.

“In our continued search for exceptional business partners, we are very pleased to join forces with Osteon Medical,” said Melker Nilsson, CEO of Keystone. “The combination of Keystone and Osteon allows us to offer a more comprehensive portfolio of unique and innovative solutions to our customers and partners, particularly with regard to digital workflows, increased efficiency and improved accuracy. The acquisition further provides Keystone with a significantly expanded and synergistic implant sales opportunity to existing and new customers.

“We welcome Michael Tuckman, CEO of Osteon Medical, and his colleagues at Keystone and highly appreciate the business they have built,” Nilsson concluded.

“Keystone is the ideal partner for Osteon Medical as their core dental implant offerings are combined with our portfolio of full arch dentures,” said Michael Tuckman, CEO of Osteon Medical. “Our mission at Osteon Medical is fully aligned with that of Keystone: to simplify complex procedures through innovation and technological improvements and to deliver tomorrow’s solutions today. “

The combined companies will continue to operate independently as separate businesses while supporting Keystone Dental’s expanding digital product offerings for its high-end and value market segments. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

About Osteon Medical
Osteon Medical, a market leader in digital dental implant solutions, develops innovative and advanced custom implant prosthetics and advanced engineering solutions based on CAD / CAM scanning and design technology. The result offers a much more efficient, shorter and more precise complex installation procedure. Osteon’s solution includes a scanning component, AI-based CAD / CAM design software, 3D tooth printing and an implantation procedure supported by augmented reality. Osteon is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, and is supported by dedicated production facilities in Melbourne and Osaka, Japan. The company’s products are available in Japan, Europe and, pending FDA clearance, are expected to launch in the United States in early 2022.

About Keystone Dentaire Inc.
Keystone Dental is an oral care company dedicated to providing innovative dental implant and biomaterial technologies. Headquartered in Burlington, Mass., With manufacturing and distribution facilities in Irvine, Calif., Keystone markets its products worldwide and is the largest independent dental implant company in North America. The company’s product portfolio includes exclusive offerings such as Genesis – The Biomimetic Implant System ™, TILOBEMAXX ™, PrimaConnex® and Prima Plus ™ implant systems, DynaMatrix® extracellular membrane and DynaBlast® bone graft substitutes and DynaGraft®. For more information, see www.keystonedental.com.

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