Kathy Griffin posted a call on social media asking fans to help interpret the results of her latest cancer scan.

The Love Wrecked star was diagnosed with lung cancer in August 2021 and had half of her left lung removed that month. She announced she was cancer-free in December.

But on Monday, Griffin posted a report about his latest analysis on his Instagram page and asked his followers for advice on what the terminology means.

“OK I know this is crazy but I can’t reach an oncologist on the phone and the surgeon who did my half lung removal ghosted me,” she wrote, before posting. explain why she chose the unconventional method of seeking medical advice. “That’s what happens to people! I put my scan results on Instagram in hopes that someone will put them under the nose of an oncologist and send me some kind of English interpretation of what is happening with my post-op situation!”

The comedian concluded, “Social media can be used for good, damn it!”

Griffin also posted his request on Twitter, in which case one user recommended contacting Santa Monica-based Dr. Robert McKenna.

“It was the surgeon who removed half of my left lung,” replied the 61-year-old. “But, I lost faith in him because (because) the day he did my surgery in the morning, he himself underwent anesthesia a few hours later in the same hospital and had knee surgery . So he didn’t eat or drink before he cut me (sic).”

Tweeting a photo of his response, Griffin added, “Sucks! He ruined my vocal cords (sic) and my arytenoids permanently! My voice is my life. It’s disheartening 2 me that people get away with it. take 4 a surgeon who gave me so much trouble. I had stage 1. I wish I had chemo/radiation instead of surgery with this hack Dr (sic).”

Representatives for McKenna have yet to comment on Griffin’s allegations.

However, the My Life on the D-List star also noted that she has no desire to take legal action against the doctor or hospital.

“Most importantly, it won’t restore my voice. It won’t heal my laryngeal nerve or my vagus nerve,” she added.

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