Campaign Issues

I will be the voice of the people in South Carolina. I will vote on bills in a way that benefit the populous of South Carolina instead of the establishment.

Budget Reform

I believe the United States should have a balanced budget. We spend entirely too much money on frivolous activities. It is time America tightens the belt by reducing the size of government, simplifying the tax code once and for all and grow the economy.

Enforce the Laws 

We need to enforce current laws, without creating new ones. If A LAW IS BROKEN, WE MUST FIX IT! We need to protect the rights granted to us by the Constitution, we are stewards of the Constitution and it is not our place to change or abolish it. The Constitution is for everyone and every law-abiding citizen should have the right to Free Speech and the right to bear weapons. Guns do not kill, law-abiding citizens do not kill, criminals kill, and they must be held accountable.



The Economy

JaneAs you Senator I will help President Trump grow the economy instead of destroy it. Too many poloticians have their own interest in mind, I will do what is right for the US.

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