ORLANDO, FL/ACCESSWIRE/November 10, 2022/ A leading group of medical industry leaders, across multiple disciplines, have united in an effort to change the future of medicine. eXeX™short for eXpanded eXistence Inc., is an innovative startup that will revolutionize the healthcare industry as we know it. These elite professionals have worked quietly to evolve the mainstream healthcare system by advancing historic surgical methods.

eXeX was founded by a renowned neurosurgeon Robert Masson, MD, alongside prominent healthcare veterans and medical technology developers. The company is backed by CEOs of major Fortune 500 companies, board members of pharmaceutical conglomerates and major philanthropists. The company’s goal is to shed light on the forgotten heroes of the operating room, from assistants to laundry technicians and nurses, while simultaneously improving the poor workflow experienced in standard healthcare.

Operating rooms today still use century-old technology, which inspired Dr. Masson and his team to develop a digital learning solution known as HoloOPS™. It’s a revolutionary medical system, with a suite of Mixed reality and machine learning Softwaredeveloped with the long-term goal of bringing medical healthcare into the web3 industry.

Dr. Masson explains: “This is the first time that augmented reality technology has been used in the operating room specifically for the sterile field. We empower technicians and nurses through a digital universe of processes, procedures and boundaries, through digital and visual information.” the eXeX The software application improves the setup and workflow of surgical procedures, enabling a smooth workflow to improve the lives of patients. The HoloOPS platform is currently in use at two surgical centers and will expand in 2023, with a range of future opportunities that includes over 235,000 operating rooms and over 50 million surgeries per year.

eXeX is on a mission to upgrade the existing technology in the medical industry and slowly integrate it into the future of Web3. The buzzword “Web3” has been loosely thrown around in all walks of life, and it’s important for Dr. Masson to “fundamentally prepare for what’s to come,” but not entering the metaverse at the wrong time. The team achieves this by strategically redefining technology in the medical field, one surgery at a time. The eXeX will improve team performance, streamline the state of surgical flow by creating an exponential library of tools, products and pharmaceuticals to pave the way for the future of medical standards and protocols with this cutting-edge technology.

About eXeX

eXeX, officially known as eXpanded eXistence Inc., is a mixed reality and machine learning software company that is revolutionizing the healthcare industry with operating room products developed by neurosurgeon Dr. Robert Masson and his team. Follow them on LinkedIn to learn more.

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