Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann hoisted the national flag at Guru Nanak Dev Stadium in Ludhiana to mark the 76th Independence Day on Monday.

After the I-Day program, he also inaugurated the first Aam Aadmi Clinic, near Chand Cinema, Ludhiana. To commemorate the 75th anniversary of India’s independence, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government in Punjab has opened 75 such Aam Aadmi clinics, modeled after Delhi’s ‘Mohalla clinics’ to provide free basic health care facilities to the common man.

In his speech on the I-Day show, Mann pointed to the irony where, on the one hand, freedom fighters sacrificed their lives to liberate the country from foreign domination, while, on the other hand, young people, especially from Punjab, are struggling to find employment. in these foreign countries by spending hundreds of thousands of rupees, due to unemployment in our country.

“Our young people after completing Class 12 and IELTS are immigrating to Canada and the United States with the support of their parents as they fear that their children will end up here in bad company. I want to assure these parents that you now have a government in Punjab that takes care of your needs. We will open new medical colleges, schools and stadiums in Punjab so that your children have every chance here. It is not just a child who goes abroad but the whole family. Many houses in the villages are locked. If there was no one left in Punjab, then what was the point of being an MP or an MP,” Mann said, urging young people to stay in “their own Punjab.”

“Our martyrs sacrificed their lives to flush out foreign leaders and it is unfortunate that today we are trying to reach these foreign countries by bombarding Rs 30 lakh – 35 lakh. So we should have kept them only here. So this is not what I call ‘purna azadi’ (total freedom). The real “azadi” will be achieved when the children who study in public schools reach high positions. Punjab athletes will win Olympic medals,” said CM Mann.

Mann said no one knows the Habs better than the Punjabis whose compatriots in the state have made the maximum sacrifices in the struggle for the freedom of the country.

“75 years ago, this Habs never flew here, there was another flag. Our freedom fighters and youth saw this dream of freeing our country from British rule. Punjab has made a maximum of sacrifices for the Habs to fly high. No other state has made these many sacrifices. In every village in Punjab there is a memorial or a statue in remembrance of the martyrs. No one knows this tricolor better than the Punjabis, because even today thousands of our young people guard the borders to ensure that freedom continues,” Mann said.

“The first bullet fired by the enemy must face the chest of the Punjabis which rises like a concrete wall at the borders. Our youths go home wrapped in the tricolor to protect the honor of our tricolor. Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev did not even see the light of Independence Day and sacrificed their lives to start the struggle for freedom It is our habit to speak out against injustice and oppression as Guru Nanak tells us. ‘taught,’ Mann said.

Mann also raised the issue of female feticide and said girls are still being killed in the womb. “A girl who is not yet born is being killed. We need to give birth to girls and give them the ability to fly,” he said.

Mann said the Kartarpur Sahib cross-border corridor now helps families, who were separated during partition when India and Pakistan became two countries and Punjab was split in two, to reunite after 75 years . “There is still the lingering pain of the score in our hearts. The independence of our country gave us freedom, but it also took a lot away from us,” Mann said.

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