The following contains spoilers for Halloween Ends, now in theaters and streaming on Peacock.

Halloween ends is the supposed end of the franchise, at least for now. As such, fans can expect all sorts of encores and tributes. Unfortunately, the film’s main form of “nostalgia” recreates a mistake that almost completely ruined its immediate predecessor.

2021 halloween kills was criticized for a variety of reasons, but one of them was its sidelining of franchise hero Laurie Strode. Now its sequel, which is meant to be a franchise finale, is doing the same with Michael Myers himself, robbing audiences of what should be an epic goodbye. Here’s How The Final Two Entries In The H40 Trilogy Fail Halloweenthe main characters.

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Halloween Kills kept Laurie Strode bedridden for most of the movie

halloween kills took place directly after the events of 2018 Halloweenwhich was itself a reboot that only maintained continuity from the original 1978 film. Old Laurie is taken to the hospital to have her injuries treated, and it is in this medical setting that she spends the rest of the film. halloween kills instead focuses on his granddaughter Allyson, classic characters such as Tommy Doyle, and a group of new citizens in Haddonfield, Illinois. Laurie really feels like an onlooker to the rest of the night’s events, though she’s featured prominently in the marketing.

There is not a scene in halloween kills where Laurie shares the screen with Michael, which makes her murder of almost entirely random people much less interesting. And the moral of the movie was that Michael wasn’t really after Laurie, contrary to what she believed. Nonetheless, her being a glorified cameo felt like a huge waste of the character and Jamie Lee Curtis, neither of whom mitigated the feeling that halloween kills was a sort of “filler episode” to get to Halloween ends. Unfortunately, the latter commits exactly the same sin as the first, but with a different character.

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Halloween Ends is a Love Story with Michael Myers

It takes forever for Michael to finally appear in Halloween ends, and he does so in a defeated and weakened form. Limping and barely able to pull off his old exploits for much of the film, Michael is ordered around and assaulted for his mask by the weakling Corey Cunningham. The overwhelming majority of the film’s casualties are due to Corey, with Michael being at best his sidekick in some of those cases. The theme the film apparently addresses is that Michael’s evil spirit is beyond the man himself, but he doesn’t do it well, much like how his predecessor stumbled.

Again, Laurie and Michael have little interaction, but they do have a satisfying and final showdown. However, this confrontation isn’t even really planned on Michael’s part, and his departure from Laurie’s is presented as only so he can take back his mask from the now deceased Corey. Most of the movie is spent talking about Michael and his legacy rather than showing it. So he fails in all but the last moments to feel like the last hurrah of the Halloween franchise.

To see the fleeting final moments of Michael Myers, Halloween Ends is in theaters and streaming on Peacock.

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