Film: LESSEN Release date: 2021

Critical: Aisha Saleeman Director: Kayode Kasum

The 2021 film is directed by Kayode Kasum and stars popular comedy actors like Broda Shaggi, Bisola Aiyeola, Funke Akindele, Lateef Adedimeji among others.

The two hour five minute film tells us the story of two police officers who find themselves in a predicament as they were given an undercover assignment to protect the Governor of Darkawa State who ended up being kidnapped under their watch . The two officers were, however, charged and declared wanted by the police as the main suspects.

Joshua, the Governor’s son who also happens to be the mastermind behind the kidnapping, turned out to be a young boy with no manners. He wants to kill the governor because he has an insurance policy that will pay him $10 million after his father’s death. This sum was enough for him to repay the money he owed and to move forward in life.

Chinedu (Jide Kene Achufusi) is a frustrated young man who faces financial challenges – his girlfriend whom he cannot marry because he is poor, late rent, the loss of a job he has barely started, her father’s urgent medical needs which cost 2 million naira. In search of money, he becomes a Taxifly pilot with his friend Buta. His first passenger happens to be the kidnapper who had tons of cash on hand and the governor in the trunk. The two friends escaped with the money, unaware that the Governor was in the trunk of the car.

This comedic role to amuse viewers mostly relies on Buta (popularly known as Broda Shaggi) as he tries to pull it all off in the most hilarious way. In Dwindle, even drinking garri is fun. The film would have failed enormously if it relied solely on its comedic elements.

The crime thriller opens with several unrelated threads of events, however, this doesn’t taint the film, as the threads come together organically later on. The characters are sometimes introduced abruptly, and one wonders if it was necessary. But the film answers all of these questions along the way, and every minor character plays a part in the film’s climax. In this way, it differentiates itself from the usual Nollywood approach of composing a scene solely for comedic purposes.

Following some scenes in the film, it was not entirely explanatory why the Deputy Governor ordered the police to back down in the search for the missing Governor even after being informed of the precise location of the ‘possible kidnappers’ ‘ and the governor. .

The film gives us a detailed explanation of how the love of money makes one desperate even at the expense of his father’s life. Money does make you blind.

Dwindle is a great watch, albeit with a few boring scenes in between, but it doesn’t fail to capture the audience’s attention. The crime thriller is awesome and the characters featured in the movie seem so real. The film begins with a lot of things happening in parallel and ends up coming together. The movie introduced too many characters which may have weighed down the audience, but after watching the whole movie, it was necessary. The film’s climax is full of adventure and proved to be a satisfying ending for the characters.

The character with the most praise is Mary Chukwuma who hardly says anything but always acts excellent.

With Dwindle, a lot of the Dwindle acts give you that “you’ve seen this before” feeling, from the same director. The Money Hunt has elements of Sugar Rush, the comedic attempts to get out of scarcity give Ponzi vibes (both from the same director), and some other elements actually wreak havoc in both films. These are not only the flaws of the story, but also the drawbacks of the realization. Even the characters have similar traits.

Dwindle is now streaming on Netflix.

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