Kimi Nijjar, senior at James B. Conant High School, and Ambrozia Itellari, junior to William Fremd, had the opportunity to experience the medical field when they participated in a three-week internship program with Arlington Pediatrics in Arlington Heights.

Dr Dave Brottman said the aim of the program is to expose students to the overall operations of a medical practice. During the program, students not only followed nurses and doctors, but also worked with administrative staff.

“We wanted to treat them not like high school or college students, but like medical students,” Brottman said. “They really took up the challenge.

At the end of the program, each student was invited to make a short presentation on a pediatric disease of their choice. The two students chose an illness that they had personally treated.

Brottman said he developed the idea after doing an internship with 17 students in his office for one to three days. He felt the time was too short to give students a proper view of the medical profession.

For Nijjar, the internship brings her closer to a childhood dream.

“I have known since I was 9 that I want to be a doctor,” she said. “When I found out there was an internship program like this, I applied right away.”

Nijjar said meeting the patients was a highlight of the internship.

Itellari said learning how to prepare vaccines was his favorite part.

“It’s a lot harder than I thought,” she said.

She said that she, like Nijjar, has a great interest in pursuing a medical career.

“It’s very valuable to learn how to prepare for vaccines and take vital signs,” she said. “It’s like an introductory course that will help apply to college and medical school.”

The two students agreed that any student in District 211 who might be interested in the medical field should seek internships like this in order to prepare for their future.

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