Do you have a child who might be interested in a medical career? Well, exposing them early can be a great way to get your foot in the door. There are many more options than being a doctor or a nurse. We all know that health is an increasingly popular field for many reasons. Discover Healthcare hosted its first annual Discover Healthcare event today at St. Scholastica College. The event allowed sophomores to participate in a hands-on career exploration event. It included many areas such as surgery, labor and delivery, therapy, mental health and many more. Students gained hands-on experience with professionals as well as medical students.

“I think it’s very interesting and I could go into nursing, but I’m a little scared because I know that sometimes when a lot of people miss a great career and people come in in this career there is an overflow when they graduate college so i am a bit cautious before entering the nursing field but i could do something on the side and then step in if they need more notice,” says Enby, a second-year high school student.

Now, not every child needs to know exactly what they want to do, but it can be helpful to spend some time thinking about what they want to do and getting familiar with the area while they work can – be on general prerequisites.

“We think all the information is relevant and important, so we want them to be prepared for all the elements as well: what’s good, what’s hard, how you’re making a difference. So we think health care is a wonderful field to venture into. There will be lots of opportunities, even if there are challenges,” says Adam Soderlind, student support specialist.

Discover Health’s goal for its first event was to engage attendees in career exploration. Help them truly understand the breadth of career opportunities available and how they relate to career paths and higher education. Finally, create foundational experience that will lead to future engagement with the healthcare industry and higher education.

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