Black Adam was going to feature a second post-credits scene, which would have teased the future of Pierce Brosnan’s Doctor Fate in the DCU.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Black Adam.One deleted black adam The post-credits scene would have teased the DCU future of Pierce Brosnan’s Doctor Fate. After struggling for 15 years to get the movie made, Dwayne Johnson’s superhero flick finally hit theaters last month. black adam received mostly negative reviews from critics, but was a major hit with mainstream audiences, in addition to performing well at the box office. The film acts as a sort of origin story for Johnson’s Black Adam, an anti-hero with the powers of ancient Egyptian gods who is released from his earthly prison to dispense his violent form of justice to the world.


In addition to marking the first time Black Adam has been portrayed on the big screen, the film also introduces the Justice Society of America. The superhero cast includes Brosnan’s Doctor Fate, Aldis Hodge’s Hawkman, Noah Centineo’s Atom Smasher, and Quintessa Swindell’s Cyclone. Although the Justice Society and Black Adam didn’t get along at first, the two sides eventually put aside their differences to defeat Sabbac. Their victory comes at a high cost, however, with Doctor Fate ultimately sacrificing himself to prevent Hawkman’s death, which he saw earlier in a premonition. As we said before the release of the film, black adamThe post-credits scene of features Henry Cavill’s long-awaited Superman return.

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By a new report of The Direct, black adam was going to have a second post-credits scene, which ended up being deleted. The dart would have featured a shot moving slowly over Doctor Fate’s helmet perched in the sand before a mysterious individual’s hand picked it up, and the scene then faded to black. It’s unclear why the scene was cut or in what order she allegedly played with Superman’s stinger. Screen Rant contacted Warner Bros. to comment on the deleted scene.

How Doctor Fate Can Return to the DCU

Doctor Fate’s helmet disintegrates during black adam, but the deleted post-credits scene suggests the item’s magical abilities may hold the key to Doctor Fate’s return. While it’s certainly possible that Brosnan’s version of Doctor Fate could return in some form due to the helmet’s powers, it’s also possible that the hero could return in another form, played by an entirely new actor. The deleted post-credits scene might have teased that Doctor Fate’s mantle would actually pass to another character, though it’s unclear who that individual might be.

The removal of Doctor Fate’s post-credits scene certainly leaves the character’s fate up in the air, and it’s possible her role in the DCU hasn’t yet been figured out, which is why the scene was cut. In any case, Doctor Fate has become a fan favorite ever since. black adammeaning that the character is likely to reappear in some form, whether in a black adam sequel or another DCU movie entirely. Although many questions remain about the potential return of Doctor Fate, black adam was a hit with audiences due to its startling reveals and teases for the future, and the cut post-credits scene would certainly have ticked both of those boxes.

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