Sabacc and the Legions of Hell

Sabbac, looking like a truly awesome heavy metal album cover demon, returns to Earth and begins raising the legions of Hell to wreak havoc on Kahndaq. Essentially, if he is able to sit on the throne of Kahndaq, the same throne that King Ahk-Ton occupied 5,000 years ago, the world is over. And as cool as the JSA are, they’re outmatched here…or are they? You see, Sabbac wasn’t counting on Doctor Fate. Frankly, neither are Doctor Fate’s teammates.

This is indeed the scenario that Doctor Fate envisioned earlier in the film. So that’s where he acts, using his magical powers to stop the JSA from pursuing him as he faces Sabbac alone. But even though he knows it won’t work, he only buys time to give Teth-Adam a mystical, telepathic pep talk, waking him from suspended animation…

The Rebirth of Black Adam

“The battle your son was meant to fight is upon us,” Fate said telepathically to Teth-Adam, referring to how Adam’s son was indeed Shazam’s champion and was meant to prevent King Ahk- Your to become Sabbac and rule the world. It’s a wonderful sequence, and it’s a really good off-screen performance from Pierce Brosnan. He awakens Teth-Adam and releases him from his stasis reservoir.

But Adam is still unable to speak the magic words and gets beaten up by the ARGUS guards as he tries to escape. It’s a nice way to illustrate how even without his powers, Teth-Adam is a tough, determined individual with an indomitable will to do the right thing…even if it’s his own way.

Sure, it’s an underwater prison, and Adam just took a serious beating, and he might as well fall asleep and die… but instead, he’s visited by a vision of his son, who reminds him why he has to keep fighting. Is it just Adam’s near-death brain showing him visions of those he loved most, or is this Doctor Fate planting him here to motivate him further? It’s not clear, but it works, and Teth-Adam says the magic word, transforms, and gets a brand new (and badass) comic book-accurate costume to go fight Sabbac and his demonic horde.

The New Black Adam Costume

Look, it’s not that bad, but it sounds great, right? It also follows the recent DCEU tradition, established in Aquamanto have a character start their movie in a “cool” costume (or no costume at all) and then get one that looks like it’s straight out of the comics page.

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