BIG SANDY – Big Sandy Medical Center was built in 1965, but support for area residents began 60 years ago when a group of Big Sandy residents realized they needed to keep a doctor in the community. Big Sandy Medical Center (BSMC) was built in 1965 as a nine-bed hospital with an attached medical clinic. The community raised all the money needed to build the facility through community fundraising.

Now members of the medical center are once again calling on other members of the community to help them expand their own kitchen, which has seen no upgrades since it was built in 1986.

Starle Taylor is the Medical Center’s dietary manager. She said the need to expand their kitchen is growing.

“It’s important to us because we would love to have it all,” Taylor said. “We have to cook a meal for the tastes of the residents within easy reach. With our freezers in the basements and three different coolers that we have to move through, we don’t have everything on hand when we need it. .”

Taylor said they hoped to expand the back of the medical center, specifically a room big enough to house a cold room, freezer and dry storage with a loading dock outside for their delivery people.

“Having a functional kitchen is really important to us,” Taylor explained. “It’s small. We make it work for us now, but these upgrades would make it so much better.”

Each year, a rummage sale is held at Jerry Martin Memorial Hall, with funds going to the medical center. Since 1968, sellouts have been held in the basement of the hospital to help raise funds for the medical center. Since 1968, the Medical Guild has raised half a million dollars to buy essentials for the hospital and nursing home.

Lisa Sipler is president of the Big Sandy Medical Guild. She said: “Our goal for this year is to renovate this kitchen. It’s a must, it’s a need, we need it for our people who live here, our patients who come to the emergency room, we need it for girls who cook in the kitchen.

Sipler noted that due to Covid, they haven’t had a sellout in three years and are excited to get things going again, aiming to hit the $10,000 mark.

“We’re really excited to get things done,” Sipler said. “It’s a long process, we have a lot of volunteers. Most of our volunteers are over 70 years old.”

The annual flea market will take place:

Thursday, October 6 from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Friday, October 7 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Located at: The Jerry Martin Memorial Hall115 Johannes Ave, Big Sandy, MT 59520

The sale includes items spanning multiple departments, with thousands of items to choose from: homewares, jewelry, books, movies and music, toys, bedding, fabrics and crafts, adult clothing, children’s clothing, vacations, shoes and furniture. There is also a raffle that generous donors have contributed to and items will be on display at the 1st Bank of Montana in Big Sandy.

You can also send donations to the Medical Center:
Big Sandy Medical Center, Inc.
166 Montana Avenue East
Box 530
Big Sandy, Montana 59520

For more information, Click here to visit the event’s Facebook page or call the hospital at 406-378-2188.


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