Drs Sumitra Kafle and Navdeep Nath, who met while studying medicine at the University of Bristol, have started a business to advance primary care in Nepal.

The couple formed Upacare Health to provide a 21st century solution to underdeveloped primary healthcare systems in many developing countries. Their goal is to pioneer in Nepal and then expand to other South Asian countries where there is similar healthcare infrastructure. UpaCare Health is a pioneering digitally-driven primary care clinic that will leverage AI to improve health outcomes and manage patient data.

Dr Nath said: “We have both thoroughly enjoyed our lives and careers in the UK, but have always been passionate about disruptive social impact.”

“Primary care, an integral part of community health, is based on ongoing health promotion, chronic disease prevention, lifestyle management and holistic care. Unfortunately, in Nepal and other South Asian communities, this subset of medicine remains an afterthought with minimal infrastructure.

Dr Nath enrolled in Bristol Medical School’s undergraduate Medicine and Surgery program in 2009. It was during his studies that he met his future wife, Dr Kafle, who had started the same course in 2007.

Dr Nath said: “We originally told our families that we had met in class, but we actually met during the Doctors of the Triangle pub crawl in 2010.”

The couple fell in love and were able to support each other through their demanding schedules as Dr. Kafle, also a former president of the university’s Asian Society from 2009 to 2010, eventually trained in anesthesia and critical care, while Dr. Nath decided to start Core Entrainement Medical.

The couple married in the summer of 2016 in Tivoli, just outside Rome, and in 2019 they welcomed their son. The family used to work and live in Manchester but have now moved to Kathmandu to oversee the launch of UpaCare Heath.

“Having lived in Nepal before, I have witnessed firsthand the detrimental impact of poor primary health care infrastructure, both at individual and population level,” Dr Kafle explained. “Having learned from the UK’s well-developed primary healthcare framework, we wanted to deliver a bespoke healthcare service that was relevant and needed in today’s ‘connected’ cultural landscape, where half of the Nepalese population carry an internet-enabled smartphone in their pockets.”

Dr Kafle added: “When Nav and I first met at Bristol University, we were only 22 and still sailing as adults. We have supported each other through medical school, the junior medical years, becoming new parents, and now in our new roles as CEO and Chief Medical Officer at UpaCare Health. Co-founding this business has not been without its challenges, however, we are both passionate about making a meaningful social impact in Nepal and the rest of South Asia. We are settling into our new lives and roles in Kathmandu and looking forward to what the future holds.

The UK-registered company is a hybrid physical and digital primary care service, providing personalized lifestyle recommendations, preventative healthcare advice and chronic disease management; act as a life partner in health and well-being.

UpaCare Health recently partnered with Fusemachines Inc, a leading New York-based AI talent company. UpaCare Health’s AI-powered digital platform will include features that will help patients and healthcare providers connect with each other, while providing an efficient way to collect and manage patient data. patients. In addition to electronic health record management, the platform will facilitate personalized holistic care, cross-collaboration between healthcare providers, automated health visits, prescription planning and more.

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