What do you do when you mix an actor and a director who have had box office success? Have them collaborate on a movie, of course! After Miles Teller’s success with the resounding success at the box office Top Gun: Maverick a new blockbuster has been planned for him and Scott Derrickson, the director of 2016 strange doctor.

Miles Teller had the chance to play the role of “Rooster” Bradshaw in Top Gun: Maverickwhich couldn’t and wouldn’t stop making box office cash at $1.406 billion. Deadline says the 35-year-old actor is in final negotiations to reunite with maverickSkydance production company to star and executive produce The throats. While no plot details for the film have been shared, we do know that it is “an action-packed, genre-defining love story.” This upcoming movie will have Scott Derrickson as director. Derrickson was originally set to return to helm the strange doctor sequel, but the filmmaker is gone Multiverse of Madness due to “creative differences”.

After leaving the strange doctor sequel, Derrickson delivered a different kind of box office success when he teamed up with Blumhouse to direct The black phone. Considering one of the theories as to why he left the strange doctor sequel was because he wasn’t able to delve as deeply into the horror as he wanted, it seems he got his wish with the movie starring Ethan Hawke. This terrifying film became a box office success at $150 million on a budget of $25 million, and critical reviews for The black phone praised Derrickson’s direction in crafting a hit horror film. He even managed to surpass halloween kills and Scream 5.

Miles Teller spent late spring and early summer promoting Top Gun: Maverick the netflix thriller spider head and the Paramount+ series The offer. After having such a hectic year, he would have liked to spend the rest of the summer actively reading scripts to get an idea of ​​what his next project would be. Skydance knew Teller would have to be attached to this project so that the Claim manager to get there. After meeting Derrickson and the producers, the Free from all ties the actor was on board.

While Miles Teller is known for his box office hits like Top Gun: Maverick, the Divergent Series and The Fantastic Four, he starred in a number of other films that wouldn’t fall into the blockbuster category. Teller made his film debut with a supporting role in rabbit hole, starring Nicole Kidman. He had a starring role opposite Shailene Woodley in A24’s The spectacular now. The CinemaCon Award winner was also in teen party movies like 21 and over and Project X, rom-coms like That awkward moment, get a job and Two night stand, and biographical films like Bleed for it, only the brave and Thank you for your service. While this actor doesn’t need a blockbuster movie to continue with the success he’s had, it certainly helps.

Scott Derrickson and Miles Teller are two box office winners who are most likely guaranteed to give audiences a new project worth running for their seats. Although no release date has yet been set for The throats, be sure to follow CinemaBlend to be the first to know.

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