About the Candidate

I was the only member of my family to attend college. I graduate with Honors in Business Management. I am an ordained minister; a family man and I believe in the United States. It is time the establishment is replaced. As I lifelong Republican, I believe it is time for change. I am running as a Conservative Independent who is Pro Life, it is time the establishment elites are replaced.


The United States is experiencing excessive turmoil, division and destruction of our Country.  We need a new leader in the Unites States Senate for South Carolina. As citizens of the United States, you deserve a person that will uphold the Constitution instead of trying to abolish it. The citizens of the United States need someone who will protect their rights stated in the Constitution, especially the first and second amendments. This country needs someone that will help strengthen our armed forces, improve our national security and eliminate illegal immigration and sanctuary cities. A true Christian Conservative who will be tough on global terrorism and all issues that impact the United States.


South Carolina needs a true conservative who is not afraid to say and do what is right. The constituents of this state deserve someone that will support our President and help grow South Carolina to the level it was at when textiles were at their peak. Someone that will not do what will benefit himself but will listen to and honor the voices of those who elect him. A true leader: one that will work to have current laws enforced instead of wasting time on frivolous laws that do nothing.


It is time we get America back to its glory. We need to bring jobs back to America. I am not afraid to do what is right. It is time we have people that will do the right thing for the country, not what is in their best interest. We need to help people at home before we bring immigrates into this country. Let me be CLEAR, I am not against people coming to this country for a better life, they must do it the proper way. We need to help Americans achieve a college education, before we hand out millions of dollars for immigrates to receive little to no cost education. We must protect and make “America Great Again” before we help others.


I will be Tough on Issues and will fight for what the people of South Carolina want. I am not in this to benefit me, I want to be the voice of reason for South Carolina, for too long politicians have done what is best for them or their party. I am doing this for what is best for America.


Please join me in defeating the establishment! 


If there is something you a passionate about please let me know, so I can represent you!


I have four priorities in life.

1) My belief and FAITH in GOD is first and foremost.

2) My wife, kids and family.

3) My Job

4) everything else where and when it can fit in.

Do not ask me to put a lower priority above a higher priority. Why? These priorities are set by GOD, my faith in him will not let me waver. There are also a set of core values to which I adhere in every aspect of my personal and professional life.  Founded on biblical teachings and reinforced through years of religious and professional experience. 

I hold true to my:

FAITH in GOD, Integrity, respect, commitment, trust and consistency.  You can count on my commitment to these values.

GOD –  I put GOD first and foremost in my life, he is the reason I am where I am today.

INTEGRITY – I will be moral and ethical by doing what is right all the time, even when no one is watching.  

RESPECT – I also will respect your experience and opinions, we all bring something unique to the table. the value and contribution of everyone is paramount to our overall success and as such, we must highly regard each other.

COMMITMENT – I am dedicated to the success of everyone and will always be there to help when needed.

TRUST –  I do not pre-judge and I am loyal to a fault. I always have your back until you give me a reason to not trust you.

CONSISTENCY – consumers expect consistency, that is why I strive to be the same every day.  I give what I expect to receive. No individual is perfect, but consistency goes further than a lie.


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