About Mark

Mark was the only person in his family that attend college. He graduated with Honors in Business Management. He is an ordained minister; He is a family man and believes in the United States.  As a lifelong Republican, He believes it is time for a change. He is running as a Conservative Republican who is Pro-Life, it is the time the establishment elites are replaced.
He has four priorities in life.
1) His belief and FAITH in GOD is first and foremost.
2) His wife, kids, and family.
3) His Job
4) everything else when and where he can fit it.
Do not ask him to place a lower priority above a higher priority. Why? These priorities are set by GOD. His faith in GOD will not let Him waver. There are also a set of core values to which Mark adheres to in every aspect of his personal and professional life. These values are Founded on biblical teachings and reinforced through years of religious and professional experience. 
He will always hold true to these values:
FAITH in GOD, Integrity, respect, commitment, trust, and consistency.  You can count on his commitment to these values. He puts GOD first and foremost in his life, God is the reason Mark is where he is today.
INTEGRITY – Mark will always be moral and ethical by doing what is right all the time, even when no one is watching.  
RESPECT – Mark will respect your experience and opinions, we all bring something unique to the table. the values and contributions of everyone are paramount to our overall success and as such, we must highly regard each other.
COMMITMENT – Mark is dedicated to the success of everyone and will always be there to help when needed.
TRUST – Mark does not pre-judge and he is loyal to a fault. he will always have your back until you give him a reason to not trust you.
CONSISTENCY – consumers expect consistency, that is why Mark strives to be the same every day.  He gives what he expects to receive. No individual is perfect, but consistency goes further than a lie.
Mark graduated from Limestone College with a Business Management degree, while working full time and helping raise two children. During this time, he was able to prioritize and manage all his obligations. He finished college with Magna Cum Laud honors. Mark has no issue with taking on responsibilities and has always been mature beyond his age. While in High School he worked part-time. After graduating in 1988, he had a brief stint in the fast food industry before landing a job at INA Bearing in Spartanburg, S.C... There he made it to a top-level machinist in just a few years. Then in 1996, he landed his best opportunity ever. He went to work for Honeywell Aerospace in Greer, S.C... In just one short year he made his way to another top-level machinist position. In early 2007 he took a position a Team Leader. This was the beginning of a wonderful learning experience. In this position he was responsible for the following things;
Monitor, assist and improve all aspects of Safety, Quality, Delivery, Inventory, Cost and Productivity within a group of 20+ employees
Ensure safety throughout the department by auditing unsafe conditions and teaching monthly HSE photo lessons with the team.
Developed and wrote over 300 standard Worksheets (Operating and Set-Up) to help lean the process which improves QDIC (Quality, Delivery, Inventory, and Cost)
Assist with problem-solving so daily productivity goals are met.
Eliminate, prevent, and implement countermeasures for quality issues using (RPS) Rapid Problem-Solving tools.
Initiate improvement actions to reduce department spending and improve processes using (CI’s) Continuous Improvement process.
A key player in improving department metrics (Helped cut 50% of inventory off the floor in April 2008).
Lead and Motivated employees to stay focused on meeting customer demands.
Improve moral on the shop floor through encouraging employees to use the (CI) Continuous Improvement process which shows they have a voice in the process.
During his role as Team Leader, he developed a passion to lead others on a larger scale. With this passion, he went back to college and finished a degree he started in 1989. Mark later accepted a Supervisor role at Honeywell, where he expanded on his duties from his Team Leader position. Mark is also SIX SIGMA GREENBELT Certified.


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