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AM in the medical field

Additive manufacturing (AM) in medicine continues to grow every year. It’s a remarkable catalyst, but the industry faces barriers to adoption, which is slow for patient safety. Despite this, AM has gained wide acceptance, with tremendous growth on the horizon. Titanium implant containing bone morphogenic proteins for the treatment of a patient with cancer of […]

Eskimo player hangs up his helmet to ent...

EDMONTON – Defensive tackle Mark Mackie was just starting to take off with the Edmonton Eskimos, but decided to retire after just two seasons, leaving times uncertain in the CFL for med school. Mackie was admitted to the Schulich School of Medicine at Western University. “I really feel like I’m trading a sweater for another […]

18th Annual Medical Mini Series Begins W...

Boston neuroendocrinologist Dr. Whitney Woodmansee makes an excellent point about thyroid disorders, which are common but often undiagnosed: symptoms are commonly experienced by members of a busy modern society: weight gain or loss; tired; depression. A person suffering from hypothyroidism may experience aches, pains, fuzzy thoughts. A person with hyperthyroidism may have anxiety, sleeplessness, a […]